Rules for Mods and Admins


Lets make a rule we have to follow to keep this forum professional. This should come handy for future mods and admins too.

  1. All information in the Admins & Moderators only section is strictly confidential. If you feel the need to share information, ask for permission from the poster or one of the Admins. 

  2. Be professional on here and on other forums if you use the same username. We represent the game and the forum. Do not get caught up in offensive arguments. 

  3. Be nice. Do not take advantage of your super powers.

  4. Be humble, do not brag and/or threaten others with your powers.

  5. Be accurate, if you are answering a question you are unsure about, make sure to state that you maybe wrong. Expect people to view your comments as official announcements. 

  6. NEVER attack another member even if that member is attacking you. I know this is frustrating, but just warn and if they don’t stop, take action. Warning should look something like this, “Please stop doing…, I will have no choice but to…if you do not stop immediately.” That’s the warning, if they do it again, take action. 

  7. If you have a negative personal opinion about a subject, don’t post it. We don’t want mods and admins to get caught up in arguments, this makes us look very unprofessional.   

  8. When you do take action, please record below.

In summary, be a role model. 

Any other suggestions?


Bella and I would just like to thank you guys for allowing us to be your moderators. We love everything you have done for this game and Dragon Island and we can’t wait to see more!

Ill have to dig out my list of ideas that we can use for future things like events and such


Thanks a lot for helping! Looking forward to your ideas :slight_smile:


are there any guidelines for whats bannable, warnings etc? or just use our own judgment?


They have discussed this earlier, if you check earlier topics.


I actually did after the post :slight_smile: