So I just got flamie and ice tiger. I know flamie for sure to level up because I also have tiamoth but should I level up ice tiger . I like blood crave a lot

Nothing wrong with training monsters. . .

Flamie first! You really should be levelling everything though. Just get more fruit.

Level monsters by necessity, don’t ultra them because they look cool or because they’re legendary. Evolve the ones that will contribute to your team right away. Evolving a legend costs a lot of resources that could spent on better things if It isn’t that good.

aurodragon is pretty much the poster child of that scenario.

So I have tiamoth already, with the new addition of flamie I got to auto posione mons. I also have elekat as well so should that be my starting lineup with dark stag as my tank (the best tank I have as of now out of gladiolus magama guy from six trials)

No +9 Skyther yet?