Revision For Albakhan

Basically Albakhan is not poison-type monster. Alba is assasinate-type monster. No reason to give him dual poison touch and secret skill poison drain. He doesn’t have Confident Strike, even have no HG.

I suggest to the Devs two alternatives below:

  • [1 ] Change the dual poison touch to be Piercing Dual Touch. It deals little damage and ignores HG and Shield (the damage is like damage of poison touch)
    Then Change the secret skill to be instant stealthbane, or swift assasinate, or instant shield ally, or swift chrono killer, or instant knock back next, or swift accelerate team.

  • [2] Just give Albakhan HG. That’s all. So the poison touch and drain is rational.


Albakhan is one of those monsters which people will always want to be better than it is. It’s a stun immune bloodfury with reasonable speed, that’s its big pro. It also has two good ways of charging bloodfury and the problem is they’re simply too situational (hence people complain). Dual poison touch actually works very nicely on this monster because it can support poison teams, counter overwatch, set HG monsters up for dying, quickly finish off a 1HP monster while poisoning another and all that. This gives it a great use outside of being a stun immune sweeper.

The secret skill is the problem. It’s meant to add another way to charge bloodfury that’s not strong. However, it’s too unreliable because the damage is small, especially when you’re facing PvE enemies. Albakhan was made long before the buff to poison siphon damage happened and I honestly feel like if it had been designed now then the SS would be dual poison siphon.

I’ve come up against Albakhan lots and do not think it’s struggling or is in dire need of a buff. However, the secret skill is not as well designed as others and this monster could be far better than it is. With dual poison drain changed to dual poison siphon for a bit more damage then it could be perfect. Alternatively, the secret skill could be swift poison eater (70 or 100 TU) to give Albakhan a more reliable single kill.

Change SS from dual poison drain -> dual poison siphon / swift poison eater
However, this monster is not in need of a buff as much as some others because it already brings a lot to the table.

Like Nebel Cosmo sanct and cryo.

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Alba needs no buff. This monster charge in one kill. And he stun immune. His only weaken is chrome. He is fine

Even though Alba is inferior to robin, it’s only directly weak to the limited legend chrome. The only viable toxic killer in the game.

This positive clearly outweigh the negatives…

Alba needs no buff. :+1:

Doesn’t Poison Touch get around HG on 99% of monsters anyway?


The reason I suggest to remove poison from alba is to remove alba from chrome’s food… we know all assasinate monsters (icefang, robinator, alba) become foods for chrome. and chrome has too much foods. the foods need to be reduced.

Instant shield ally seems worth it to substitute the poison drain.

You being biased toward him. You the only player to use him so no changes gone be made to him just because you won’t put a protector round him

if I’m the only user of alba… so you meant alba is trash according to all players? that’s why he need to tweak. :hugs:

protector didnt work often.
and his bloothirst kill protector.
it’s not difficult to activate his bloothisrt because he has many targets + roaring + fast acelerate.

alba can’t kill chrome. why you support chrome so much? I just suggest little tweak for alba, not nerf the chrome.

alba becomes food for chrome just because of dual poison touch. and the poison drain is not worth it.

you will have alba and I Will have chrome in the future. we can pair chrome with alba to sweep protector of our opponent. Tweaking alba can not make the poison becomes meta again.

I defended chrome because without him poison will be OP. You wasn’t playing when ppl would run double AP mid game with a tt and another sweeper. Only chrome can break thst

I can say that the game was pretty toxic before chrome was released. He doesn’t need a food reduction.

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why you said “without him” ? who wanna remove chrome? no one wanna remove him.

and your sentence “Only chrome can break this” proves that strong meta (that consist of combination many toxic and chrono monsters) is broken by only 1 monster. I dont think it’s called “balance/equilibrium”.

look at stun meta. it needs many counters to be broken. such as stun absorbers, stun counter, stun converter, stun killer + stun converter.

the food reduction means poison reduction also.
if we remove dual poison touch from alba then alba can not support other poison teammates.

What about replace dual poison touch with chrono Killer and get rid of the SS? It would be like a hybrid Icefang-Chromera without roaring entrance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alba doesn’t want to be around poison teammates, as evidenced by stealthbane.

That’s combination fang and sear without roaring lol. good joke :grin:

Did you mean dual poison touch and stealthbane are contradiction?

I’ve always felt like stealthbane is mostly for camouflage monsters anyway. Also, people will always do purify a bit against poison and then they may stealth to avoid things or otherwise we see Drako loads with his purifying mist. I don’t think it’s much of a contradiction.