Regarding some Buff and Nerf in the next update




:cry: common zardy zard


I also say no. Raizen is all about match control and he is perfect for that as is. Imho the most powerful non-sweeper game changer in the game.


Not even for your old clan mate?


Instant retribution all as ss :ok_hand:t2:


I want him to have stun immunity. Since he is basically the god of the stun


@xWarlordx my dude! Exactly, it’s kinda funny how the god of thunder can get shocker haha.


Ok i could get on board with that.


You don’t even know the god of thunder @YuB

He enters the field like a champion

You’ll know when you see him


Then give raizen shocking entrance and stun immunity


I would love stun immunity on Raizen if he wasn’t already so powerful! If they can ever get auto-overwatch to work in the game that would be a cool way to change him, back to the original concept.


Auto overwatch!? Who the heck ever heard of such a gosh dern thing!?


Well I don’t mean to spread Chinese whispers but it was said earlier about how apparently the Devs wanted to give Raizen auto-overwatch but it was too buggy so they had to remove it. I can’t confirm this but it does explain why we randomly have overwatch on Raizen even though it doesn’t complement the moveset that well. Auto-overwatch would make complete sense with stun retribution.


I like the thought of auto overwatch also.


Well another god is coming
Zeus which God of lightning.
I’m pretty sure it’ll rock the whole community when it gets released :skull_and_crossbones:


Better be released on anniversary. So I can drop money on it haha. If they do release him before then I hope they throw out a gem deal as well.


Hopefully he is as good as he sounds


How does auto overwatch work. Every yime oys hit it gets a turn? A while back i made 6 star evolution for the starters and they were definitely OP by the community standards so never really published them. But virdi hat auto-overwatch.

P.S if 6* evolutions for tge starters are happening i have a few ideas.