READ THIS Before Posting on Rate/Build My Team, Important FAQs!

Here are some FAQs most of the people new to the forums ask, please read this topic thoroughly and then post in Rate/Build My team. It is expected of all people who post on that topic to have read and understood this topic first to prevent repetitive questions and answers.

Q. How do I upload pictures to the forum? 

A. There are many posts on the forums about this, here’s one of them. You can find others by using the search bar as well.

Q. I have a matchup specific question, is it ok to post that on the topic? How about pvp or event related questions?

A. Any of these questions are fine since they are all about your team, but make sure to include at the very least the frontline of the matchup that you’re asking about since there is a very high chance that I won’t remember that matchup’s team. Look at it this way: people are trying to help you out but they don’t know what team you’re having trouble with unless you tell them what monsters are in that team, so they would ask you to tell them about the enemy team first which is a post that is easily preventable. 

Q. Why was my post removed from the teambuilding topic? I was just trying to say thanks  :(.

A. All irrelevant posts will be removed from that topic, which sadly would include those posts. You could edit your main post though if you really feel like thanking whoever helped you out  :). It is also expected of the posters to have read this topic before posting on Rate/Build My Team; all posts that have already been answered in this topic will also be removed.

Q. How and why do you use spoilers?

A. I use spoilers to save space and also to reduce the wall of text that people have to go through in the topic, this way only the people that want to see what I wrote can see it and the others don’t have to go through the trouble of having to scroll through it. You can place whatever you said in spoilers by typing [spoiler] before it and [/ spoiler] after it (without the space between / and s) in your post. If you are trying to help others with their teams and your responses are lengthy, please use spoilers. It would be way too tedious for me to edit each person’s post to include spoilers in them.

Q. What is a twinkiller?

A. A twinkiller is a monster that has access to the two “killer” moves: protector killer and sleep killer.

Q. What is a mon?

A. The shortened version of monster.

Q. Can’t I just private message you for teambuilding questions instead?

A. I prefer not to have an inbox full of teambuilding requests which is why I made the topic in the first place, I can’t make an exception either since I would have to make the same exception for person X and person Y and so on.

Q. Can you explain how “rerolling” works?

A. Basically if you don’t want to spend any money on the game and still want to be able to finish the game without difficulty, you could keep deleting the game and then re-installing it so you could keep opening the free golden egg that you get at the start of the game. This is called rerolling.

Q. What monster should I aim to reroll for?

A. A last biter would probably be your best option for finishing the game without having to spend money.

Q. What is a last biter and which mons are last biters?

A. Last bite is a move that has a 50 sec TU and can only be used if the mon using it is the only mon left its respective team. It deals massive damage and heals the user for half the damage dealt. Last biters also have hold ground and stun immunity which means that they can potentially solo entire teams just by themselves. There are currently two last biters in the game: Dragaia and The Godfeather.

Q. What is a frontline? What is a backend/backline? How about late game?

A. A frontline would be the first few (four) mons in a team which you lead with in a battle. A backline would similarly be the last few mons in the team. Late game refers to the time in a match where it’s down to the last few monsters of your team.

Q. What does sweeping mean? What is a sweeper?

A. Sweeping means taking out a large portion of a team (or even the entire team) using one mon which would naturally have a strong move that would allow it to kill enemy mons with one or two hits. A sweeping move would then obviously have to be spammable if you want to be able to kill off a large portion of an enemy team with it. A sweeper refers to the mon that is capable of sweeping.

Q. What moves are strong enough to sweep with?

A. Bloodthirst, bloodcrave, bloodfury, survivor, desperate strike, last stand, last bite, poison eater (if a legendary mon is using it). There are some other moves that do very significant damage as well but they can be used only one time (or have limited use) per match such as 400s megabomb, novablast, dreamhunt, and throw.

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