Rare Gems - Unlucky Players

0/35/122, se potion.

0/36/124, se potion and legend dupe

i rolled 3

got ice feng dup-Bane dup- Super epic

Rolled 5 before I stopped playing (this was part of the reason)- 2 SE dupes and 3 SE.

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0/40/131, two new legends, two legend dupes and three se dupes.

Out of the 12 Rare Eggs I’ve opened in the past 2 weeks, only legend has been Kamishogun. The rest were SE dupes and Freezecobra (who has been extremely helpful tbh)

Neo Monster - 85 Rare Gems Hatched

C’mon bro, this thread is for unlucky players you weren’t unlucky and you posted this video in 3 threads…

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There was a fourth thread… which I deleted. @TNB_SKLunaTiC I appreciate you want to share it around to get views but please only post it in relevant threads.

@Saitama This thread is loosely used for Rare Egg hatches. Originally it was for people who were being unlucky but I think people sharing general hatches is fine. Just as long as it’s not people sharing how amazing their hatches were, that’s not cool here.


I’ll join the Golrock club. Before the rare egg update did 6 rare eggs in hopes of getting Bane, Mecha, Dusic or Goldtail and what I got were 3 SE dupes, Omegas dupe Dragaia dupe and the only new one: Reapolantern.

Did one more rare yesterday and got Huskie (new). So overall pretty shite.

Ok will keep that in mind :sob:

Sorry for drawing the line at you making a new thread. Regular users of the forum really notice the spam though. I’d say posting in 2 threads is fine, 3 at a push. If you’re going to make your own thread to post it then only make two posts (one in the most relevant thread + your own thread). That’s what I’ll be looking at with regards to moderating. Best of luck getting views on your videos!


0/41/132, fire rexo dupe.

Got this sweet ap from rare egg. Unfortunately useless since it’s getting rekt by twiggy easily :joy::joy::joy:


0/42/133, auro.
Best update for rare eggs ever.

Not sure if this counts, but today I had a dream that I hatched Tenebris in a pack and got Geartyrant with the rare gems. Yesterday I got Shadowwyrm and a 5 star stun flash.

Edit: this wasn’t part of the dream, but if this really did happen I could imagine myself advancing 2-3 chapters in hell mode pretty fast and not having much trouble in UC for the next day.

I had a dream devs were actully scamaz in disguise and they rigg my packs maybe i shouldnt have summoned him.

U r just making it worse for Ur packs . Praise bruh praise is the key !

My 800 day login reward with 5 rare gems was a Carapasca dupe. It’s amazing how fulfilling this felt, after staying loyal to the game for 800 days. What a truly amazing gift, thank you Devs! This will definitely motivate me to go on for another 800 days.


0/44/135, one new legend and auro dupe. :joy: Unbelievable.
Guess sooner this won’t be my most unlucky account in the rare pool.

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