Ranked Timing

Ranked PvP starts on Christmas Eve Eve and literally runs on Christmas Day. Is it possible to change the date on this occasion? @Dev_VKC


last season they put it sooner than the last weekend of the month for people to run anniversary mythics sooner, so now maybe then can push it a weekend later or even more

imo 28-29-30 is a good option if they want it to stay in the current month and not to collide with new year or literally christmas eve and 1st day of christmas


We’ve definitely seen this in past years. The scores for top spots tend to be lower in the Christmas season because people play less.

I’ve personally got most of the wins I need already so I don’t have to spend much time playing ranked.

also why is ranked during the christmas weekend?? why noone thought that maybe those who play want to spend their christmas other than glued to their phone and grind pvp tickets to get anywhere top50

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couldn’t be me :joy: I’ll grind straight through Christmas!

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I also wont miss it since I want to get another top50 into achievement, but still it’s quite unfortunate

^ Sorry about the ordering. I messed up only moving one post over at first. My post is meant to be after the others above.

I agree, this ranked should be postponed one week.

I think is nuts to pretend people to play on Christmas all tickets.

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I think is okay like that, who choose party and not game it’s okay

It should be pushed out 2 weeks, some people have new years plans :joy:


I don’t

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@Coltraz I took the wock to Poland

True, I forgot about that!

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Selfish as usual :rofl: as long as you don’t have plans for you is fine.

I wish just one time you could think about community.

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We should think about the community of people who don’t have family and friends to spend Christmas with, or the parts of the world that don’t celebrate Christmas. This is their time to shine and get high on the leaderboard without having to compete with all the usual people.


I partially agree with this.

I live far from home myself but I still think everyone should have the possibility to compete at their best, so should not be a “time to shine”, who wants to shine can do it with the community at full capacity.

Plans do not work, I prefer to invent things as I go

I dOnT cArE aT aLL, they are toxic as ■■■■ so…

I personally have to disagree with this statement. It’s like asking who would you rather win the Heavyweight Boxing Title from, Muhammad Ali or some no name that nobody cares about. Holding the top spot only matters if you can take it from the best, that’s my standpoint and that’s how it will stay.

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I’m just very competitive when it comes down to being dubbed the best at anything :joy:


I think Muhammad Ali would’ve skipped Christmas to win the Heavyweight Boxing Title if he actually did celebrate Christmas lol

I completely understand this point. Not everyone in the community follows the religion, or simply has the culture to celebrate Xmas. And if that’s the reason it’s not moved that’s fine with me. However if ranked clashed with say Diwali, I would have no issue with them moving that too for example. It makes sense to avoid the large global scale celebrations