Quick Reference Punishment Thread


The point of me making this is so we can compile a list of crimes and their punishment, not not only use now but for possible future mods. The objective for this thread is for us to come up with crimes and vote on the punishments for them.


bad language = Warnings only

Abusive behaviour (racial slurs, attacking someone etc) = Suspension and Ban

spam = Autoban


Good start :slight_smile: now keep adding to the list people!


My opinion. This is imperfect, but it’s some framework to start with. And note that “verbal warning” as I use it means no actual point-system warning. It only means the staff member tells the person to not do it again. “Warning”, on the other hand, means an actual warning with the points system.

“2. All posts must be in English.”

1: Verbal warning and ask for a Google Translation (if that’s the only choice) version of the post. We could also do that… but if it doesn’t happen, delete the post.

2: Warning, + same as first violation.

3: Post moderation.

“3. All posts in these forums are limited to the appropriate topics.” (No off-topic posting)

1: Verbal warning. If the entire topic goes off course thanks to an off-topic post, delete all off-topic posts. 

2: Warning / post deletion.

3: Warning / post deletion.

4: Post moderation.

“4. All members must follow an anti-spam rule.”

There are two types of spam. For spam in which the user is flooding the forum with spam posts for whatever reason, all posts should be deleted (flag the user as a “spammer” - in the ACP, there should be functionality set up to handle this action. It should remove all spam posts immediately and either ban the user or put the user under post moderation. This should be depending on the severity of the spam.

If the member is spamming to advertise links to his or her own sites (in order to gain popularity), then how about:

1: Verbal warning / link deletion.

2: Warning / link deletion.

3: Post moderation.

“6. Users may not use inappropriate language and must refrain from personally attacking other members, including revealing real-life personal information about them.”

1: Verbal warning / editing it out.

2: Warning / editing it out.

3: Post moderation.

4: Longer post moderation.

5: Restrict posting ability.

“7. Don’t exchange real-life personal information with other members.”

​If it happens in the public, just delete it. I don’t think this is reason enough to punish someone. But you may disagree.

“8. Do not impersonate a Hunter Island developer.”

If this happens via a name, we can request a name change. If it doesn’t happen, suspend the user.

If it happens via content on the site, we can delete it and provide warnings depending on the severity of the case.

“9. You may not bump threads.”

1: Delete the bump post and provide a verbal warning.

2: Warning / delete the bump post.

3: Either another warning or post moderation.

“10. No links should lead to sites that contain inappropriate material, encourage or advertise fraud/illegal activities, or contain viruses or malware.”

This should warrant an immediate site ban. 

“11. Don’t post hacks and cheats for the game.”

1: Delete + post moderation. 

2: Ban.

“12. Refrain from posting low content posts, like ‘Yea’, ‘True’, ‘Naw’, etc.”

For these, I think a verbal warning is enough (along with deletion). But if it becomes a big issue, then perhaps go into warnings/post moderation. But this one is more lenient. 

“13. You may not have images or avatars promoting adult themes or harassing gestures”

Depending on severity, asking for an immediate change may suffice. But if it doesn’t happen, suspension may be necessary. 

“14. Do NOT post on threads that have been there inactive for longs periods of time unless really necessary to revive it from the dead.”

To be quite honest, I don’t understand the purpose of this rule. But since it exists, we can lock the threads to prevent this after they reach a certain age. There’s actually a feature that exists that will automatically archive posts that haven’t been posted in after a certain period of time. This both saves server resources and prevents the topics from being posted in.


I think for number 11 it should be a ban.  If a user comes to the forum wanting to spread hacks and cheats that would harm either PvP or simple any profit ZigGaGames could make (via purchases of gold or somehow getting the game for free outside of legal ways) I think that should institute a ban.  Of course if they sent a message to the devs and only the devs explaining how they exploited the game and what they managed to do, I don’t think that person should be punished.


I suppose. A lot of these really do depend on the context, too. We can’t have an exact approach that is used 100% of the time. But these are “typical” approaches for the “typical” situation. I can see situations in which banning right away would be good for people trying to hack the game.


I agree PRED, otherwise i would be banned 100 times over.


Yeah you’re right it does matter on context however I don’t see why people would hack the game to either; get more gold, high grade monsters, but I do see you’re point.


The only way we know of that the game can be hacked is though fake iaps, and save distribution, which cannot be stopped. Well, maybe, i have a thought.