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I made a new team this PvP and seen a drastic rise in my percentage of wins. I’ve been having a lot of fun standing a chance against some of the best PvP players out there so thought it was a good time to catch some of my matches on video. Only got 3 but I may do some more later if you’re interested in seeing some PvP with the teams I like to play.

Anyway, here are the two videos…

SoL Lusolas short battle (without commentary)

YouTube description:
“Lusolas was clearly trying out the new Azuraidos water legendary here but his strategy quickly got broken up by mine. It’s a shame he didn’t stick around longer but he saw where it was going.”

My PvP team for the current meta, fighting Nagao and Jonny (with commentary)

YouTube description:

“To be clear… I kinda hate this strategy and feel it is too overpowered in some ways as well as being way too slow. However, it’s good fun to try out different things and I wanted to share my experience with this team. I beat many of the top players including ones with the “best” strategies put together. It didn’t always work, especially because of a small reliance on one-on-one, but it was surprisingly effective at handling almost everything thrown at it.”

Hope you enjoy them!

Nice video man you should battle me I’m like a pro at killing sleep teams

Close match with Chaoshunter (trying out Angelion)

I recorded some of my PvP matches this event as I was trying out a heavy stun counter team. This was my favourite clip from the ones I recorded.

This team definitely isn’t the best, it was losing against all the top players because they don’t rely on stun quite as much as other players. However, it was brilliant fun in the matches where people had too many stun monsters spread out through their team because I could do three more killing moves each time I got hit by a stun. Some matches the opponent got literally 1-2 turns and that was it, I killed their whole team.

I later had to change this front line, removing Cyclozar and bringing Delugazar forwards. I didn’t like this, because I loved how Cyclozar has 60TU moves that work brilliantly while he is protected from stun but sadly I needed Delugazar to deal with many of the front lines other people were using.

Band - Rage Against the Machine
Song - Take the Power Back

P.S. I can make Neo Monsters videos again! I had a couple of people asking me to make certain videos but can’t remember what they were so if you were one of these people let me know. I enjoy making gaming videos with and without commentary so am always open to suggestions. I’ll probably do one or two each PvP event with a random team I’m trying out.

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Lunartic control team

My PvP videos are sporadic but I’m back making them. These ones are using an updated version of my old team in the original post of this thread. I do live commentary and will be doing commentary on future PvP matches too.

Feel free to share any PvP videos you have here too. I plan to post any PvP videos in this thread so they’re grouped together in one place. It would be nice to see some from other people. I know a few of you like to make PvP videos too!

Here’s a match showcasing scorpionyx:

Also wraithhost to some extent.

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The commentary is nice. It really sets you apart from the other Neo YTers since they don’t talk. Looking forward to more of your vids.

I remeber lunartic teams, makes me shed a tear everytime i see them

Thanks for the kind words. I’ve already got some other videos recorded of one or two other teams. I’ll keep creating teams and making videos when I remember to do it :slight_smile: