PvP Match Make: 9:00pm EST and 4:30am EST


Since we have too few testers for auto matchmaking to work as it would when a lot of people are playing, I will always be on at 9:00pm EST and 4:30 EST everyday. So if you want to test out battling, you will at least have me as an opponent. Please catch me on chat here at that time.

  • Please let me know by replying if you can make it (not necessarily everyday, but sometimes is good enough). or if you would like to do it at a different time!


I will do my best to be there as often as I can.

9:00pm EST is 4:00am over here so that one is a bit tricky. ;D

4:30am EST is 11:30am over here so that one is alot more likely. :slight_smile:


Hi Aethin, I’ll try to be on earlier than 9:00pm EST. Im usually in the office about 4 hours before that so Ill hop on to chat when I can.