PvE bonus hits

When is the bonus hits for monsters like the 3x Levi bosses gonna be nerfed I got 1 hit in then completely team wiped with 3x 80 6x70 the rest 50-60 I understand it has to be hard but that’s just ridiculous there should be a cap at Max 2-3 bonus period for me and the opponents (same for pvp IMO) anyone got any info on this?

After the update

Thank god was pissing me off but just got an infernowyrm out of an egg so I’m semi satisfied even tho it was the only thing good out of 30$ worth of eggs

Everyone is waiting for the Update but we do not really know when it will be approved by apple.

I didn’t know that was in the update but it’s not really them approving it it’s the fact apple is on vacation till after the 1st

I thought it was only going to be applied to PVP and not the storyline. But I’m not sure.

It will be applied to the whole game. The game will also be rebalanced as a result.

I honestly don’t think it really needs to be changed for single player, but if that’s what the majority thinks is best then I won’t complain either. Can’t wait for the update for PvP though :slight_smile: