Hello everyone! Do you know someone who shares purpie? And can purpie survive in super buffed hellmode?

for the first 3 probably, the rest will be difficult to no success.


Do you share or know someone who shares purpie? I’m still at the first one

For hellmode you should allways pick ankoudragon or tortoise those are my MVP
You can also abuse the SE with guardian execute cus its a 1 shot move no matter the buff and hellmode is full of protectors
Legends you can use gear with sleepers or chronotitan ,soulsteeler
The mythic with petrefy move is also good
Scorpio its a good 1 either iff enemy cant purify
The mythic with death senstence all entrance its great either
Sorry idk the names of 95% of mythics

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Ankou doesn’t revive when died but thanks for the other info

It does unless he survives on field for 300sec
Pair him with auro and atra and enjoy

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When you use him as a shared monster it doesn’t. Same with revenarchion it doesn’t summon noxegg when died

What really I haven’t tested it btw

Those hellmodes have ton of leogiest fls. The best combo is one on one( I love to use an epic one with bundleblazer) and chronotitan.
Easily takes out 7 mons.

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U can also use chrono titan paired with sleep bombs just as the bomb of titan goes to charge 2 nova blasts or the best captain whiskers along with EQUALIZE mons.
There are ton of stuff u can do my personal favourite is vinegazers with purpie. Knock some stuff kill something plobrematic with vinegazers . Stun them then do 8x purpies

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Thanks for all the help everyone! Hopefully I will have an easy time with hellmodes now

U have bundam?
Us him and chrono titan with ooo and a protector.
Then just blast them off

Yeah I have it. But I dont have chrinotitan

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Take it from me use OOO with bundle.
Bundle kills OOO epic and enter chronotitan.

Ok thanks! What is your friend code?


Done! My Ign is chrono, rank 104

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