Possibly dumb question.

I played another game with pvp. Battles were evaluated on the server and creature abilities were balanced and pvp bug fixes were accomplished without the need for an update by Apple. Why does HI require an update to be approved by Apple to modify what happens when the server evaluates pvp battles? It seems that the number of bonus actions should be simply a modification to the server software and should not involve an Apple approval. It is hard to believe the developers would program the game such that an Apple approved update would be required to add new Arks or modify the capabilities of existing Arks.

Because Hunter Island doesn’t have a server, I don’t think. I believe the PvP battles are hosted by Game Center. ^^;

EDIT: As for your last comment, they programmed it that way so you can play offline. I personally love the offline feature, so… I’d be pretty much disgruntled if they took that away. ’

EDIT II: It wasn’t a dumb question, by the way. I wouldn’t have asked that if I didn’t know because I wouldn’t have even though of it, so you’re good. ^^;

That’s part of the reason why they are having some of those bugs. If they had their own server, those bug fixes would’ve been taken care of ages ago but because they don’t, they can’t just make it a Simple quick fix, as much as they would love to


May I ask what game you played before that had a better pvp system?

I think alot of games have a better pvp system but Every system has his bugs

The ability to play offline makes it worth the wait for bug fixes. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play on an airplane.

True but the waiting looks like its taking forever

The downside to not having a secure server is how easy it is to hack the pvp in this game :frowning: if a developer or admin reads this please pm me. Id like to talk about major security lapses in private. Thanks

If there’s something you need to talk to them about, just message them.

They don’t mind messages like that

It’s only when it comes to silly things, like asking when the next mission is coming out, what the next ark is, etc.

So if there are some security concerns, message Admin

Idk who the admins are i dont pay attention lol.

Go to moderating Staff button at the bottom of the forum

Click on it

The ones in Red are Admins

Admin is the head Admin of the forum

Cool il drop him a msg