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I have been playing with the same internet provider since i started game but never experienced such issue.

For first time it appeared about 20 days ago

Since i reported it,
i faced it like 7, 8 times.

You use worldlink?

Nah, Fibernet ig
TBH Idk :sweat_smile:

Then that sucks. Either use wl or vianet. Other sucks.

@Dev_VKC can I use clone app? Or I get banned!

I don’t think they can differentiate whether you’re using clone app or not

You can use

Bruh :expressionless:

Risu second form is bugged, if she enters and one friendly ally is stealth she gains the defense boost even thos she is not stealthed


Bugs have been found, and some users can freely brush rare evolutionary materials.

Number of times∞

Thank you for reporting. We will take a look.

How can I do that?

I was quite busy yesterday when I first got few messages regarding to it from discord.
Here are sm details
Some guys are able to access rare evo materials and others are able to access either super deage fruit / silver missions multiple times.
In any case only 1 of the event modes gets affected for all the users tht reported to me .

The issue has been fixed. It only affected certain ingredients and youth fruits.

Obviously, this is our fault. We will not ban anyone for this, but we will suspend the users who heavily abused this bug for unfair advantages.


How long?

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How long is that going to be it’s wasn’t payers fault obviously if you will make a mistake we will use it in our advantage on top of that we used our hard earned gems to refill our tickets it’s not like we got them for free so please let us at least know how much time are you gonna suspend the accounts thank you

Hope its 1 day for each exstra time you played the event without reporting it

That would be hillerious :melting_face: