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@Dev_VKC literally lost a rank up because of this bug. Please fix it asap…

@Dev_VKC I just lost a pvp without even making a front-line move. When I tried to search for my match, it stayed connected to the server and when it matched, it didn’t let me play.

Game froze again

Finally a buff

We have tested it on our end and checked the codes, it didn’t and shouldn’t negate revenge.
Please let me know if you saw it again.

Thank you for reporting. We will try to fix it for PvP event asap.

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Very strange, I’m certain that’s what happened because I was looking at the enemy monster TU at the time. It was at the end of the match and lots of things had happened like Gryphking had previously gone to sleep, so probably a weird case happened. No problem, thanks for getting people to check :slight_smile:

Did you even see the stun effect?

I can’t use Yin yang harmony on enemy monster @Dev_VKC
This should only affect my side

This is on purpose.
Yinyang Harmony is also an active skill that can sacrifice its teammates on the battlefield. Decree of Mercy blocks the entire skill, not just its target.

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While at that, don’t forget to block other revive/mirror skills that can still target Shi Na as well.

Do you have any examples that are currently not being blocked?

Tenguko’s Shape-Shift

We didn’t count that skill because it is more like a “copy,” similar to Mirror Revenge. I believe we have blocked every skill that mentions “revive” in its description.

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No. I saw my monsters get killed and the animation of snowslide but nothing else. No worries about it. I’ll let you know if it ever happens again. Quite a few people seem to be using Kuraokami this season so maybe I or another person will see it

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Malwing fitzy entrance making tranqulizing entrance kind of not useful because fitzy entrance awakes the sleeping monster


Why i couldnt use F.D. shieldbreaker on my enemie , the skill says if i have 2 or more flutters on battlefield it deals critical dmg …

But in this situation it doesnet possible to deal critical dmg

Looks like another shieldbreaker bug


F.D. shieldbreaker is fixed for PvP now, as well as Wilhelmina’s entrance skill effect that failed to negate revenge. I believe now all the shieldbreakers are working :sweat: (The sparkling effect can only be fixed with an update.)


Shiny Bonetalon does not have the poison ability at 5 stars, but its poison killer abilities work against it. @Dev_VKC


@Dev_VKC stop copy pasting code :new_moon_with_face: