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MFs in neo love to snitch on themselves I swear @Dane @NMEGaryOak

It may be a translation mistake, or might not, idk just telling u

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Is shrine gone? . I remember very well it had 3 days left this morning so why it gone now?
It should be gone on Friday.


No bro , it was till 19th only

yes it written 19/9. but when click it still 3 day left.
dunno which one right.

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This happened to me too and I made a bad decision. It was a small mistake but it still left me with another account that didn’t catch up with the Fortune Shrine. I contacted VKC hoping to get an extra day🙏🏻

Oh, now this is wierd

Yes, the countdown was till 21 and on the icon it said 19.

The only logical solution would be to release another shrine for everyone😎


Noticed that too

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Apparently using a translator caused a misunderstanding, he presented this problem, communicated it in the clan chat and asked me to help him because he doesn’t know much about the game platforms or how to communicate with the devs.
He completed the events and when he went to claim the rewards he didn’t let him.

Please, if it’s not going to help, don’t make those kinds of comments.


Hello, I have a problem and it is that the sanctuary disappeared, but yesterday it said that I had 3 days left and I am just reaching 500 gems, could I do something about it?

We didn’t notice that countdown timer was wrong. Therefore, we have extended the Fortune Shrine to 9/22. Sorry for the confusion.


Please ask your friend the following questions,

  • What happened after he finished the super challenge battle? Did he close the app right after that or continue playing or use transfer numbers?
  • Has him experienced any unusual connection issue?
  • Is he able to claim any achievement rewards?


When he went to claim the rewards he lost the connection due to a phone call so the game restarted.


I like to ask about the handling of inactive friends.

My friend @DonT89 disappeared from my friend list yesterday. On Tuesday he was definitely still inside, because I checked my friendlist that day to accept a low ranked player.

So either DonT returned to the game and instantly unfriended me, which is unlikely, or there must be another reason.

Perhaps he returned and changed his ING

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Pvp Ranked this season very lag , it took me at least 15 minute to finish a match. “Skip” took at least 10 sec , and 30 sec to tap any skill . This is not only happen to me. It also happen on @WRO_RezPecTor @Naomie @WRO_Nyorainz .

Please respond