We have 3 general rules. 

  1. Please be as specific as possible when reporting an issue. 

  2. If you get stuck due to a bug or a poorly balanced opponent, please stop playing the game until we send you a new patch. We basically don’t want you grinding too much, we are also trying to finalize the balance. We don’t want the game to be a grind fest (moderate levels of grinding is okay). 

  3. Try not to give spoilers to those not testing the game :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping us, and we hope you enjoy the game :slight_smile:


Attention! When testflight install gets stuck, please DONT delete your app. Your save file will be gone.

Please try re-downloading it from Testflight. If that doesnt work, please contact me, there is a manual way to fix it.

Also to prevent this issue from happening, please kill the app before you install new builds!!