Please enhance Majorie

I cried to death for this seven star. Her three skills have a high probability of hypnosis on her side, and once she hypnotizes her own people, she will be forcibly killed by the opponent. This monster is still a negative gain monster, and I hope the planner can see this post and enhance it for her,:pray:

I suggested they gave sleep curse since she has the high defense and camoflauge to help her survive until the 100 seconds but idk

It’s supposed to be a RNG monster. Some monsters are, like Magmarinus for example.

I think these RNG strategies should always exist for opportunistic people like me because it’s satisfying to beat a top team with unorthodox methods :relieved: I think back in the day I won against some much stronger team by spamming death roulette with Rhynobrute. And that also worked countless times in PvE :joy:

Dat gril should have Sleep Single. Better from Frozmaw

Magical wind: choose one of the 6 monsters shown by clairvoyance to knock back

Different type of rng. Magma is always going to be beneficial for you, majorie will sleep lock your own entire lineup in a brink

Not when he hits the wrong target.

Good thing it cant hit your teammates, that would’ve sucked.

It would be fun if there was a mythic that has piercing berserk attack which could hit even teammates :sunglasses:

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