A place to post anything that does not need its own topic.


Just wondering, what are the ‘level up’ titles for the amounts of posts made by users in the forum?


Just cleared out all off topic posts that are not in the off topic section. Requesting permission to restart ‘Pvp?’ topic as it should not be used yet. 


I’d say just leave it. People know where it’s at and its pretty much quieted down while they wait for the game.

Lets work smarter, not harder. If it isn’t causing a problem to the health of the forum, I’d leave it.

Also, just out of curiosity, I’m personally okay with thread derailment because I believe it helps foster the community. Anyone disagree with it or feels thread derailment is something that is an issue?


The users Shen and aethin actually suggested to clear out most of the off topicness because they understand they had gone too far in some.


They may have gone too far but does it really hurt anyone or can it easily be ignored and skipped over?


By new users who came for specific information, it would be wrong to not allow them the ease of scrolling through needed information rather than 8 or more posts on waffles. Furthermore, i doubt the posters who went off topic will need to check back on those posts in the future. There is the convenience of the chat, off topic forum as well as private messaging.


I hate to admit it but a relaxed forum environment clearly isn’t going to work. Too many issues already.

I see your point. Ill help you delete the silly and unnecessary posts…


So Kooka brought up a point:

Things wtf and Lmao are technically swearing.

I personally don’t see a problem but what do you guys think?


I don’t really see a problem either, as long as they don’t write it out.

They should probably use it sparingly, though, in my opinion. As in, not in every other sentence.

What about things like “Oh my God”? Some people are offended by this; I know someone who is.


I think “wtf” is pushing it, as “the F word” is a lot worse than “ass” in LMAO, LMFAO is also pushing it imo.

Idk about oh my god, its such a common expression… i think thats ok… but thats just me.


It’s also a common expression to say “what the fudge?” but I haven’t heard any variations for lmao.


lmfao = lmao but with added profanity of the f word


I don’t mean that, I mean how “omg” can be oh my god or oh my gosh or oh my goodness. And “wtf” can be what the [] or what the fudge. But what else can the a stand for in lmao? Laughing my apple off? ??


Oh, i dont think there is another meaning, just the profane one.


“laughing my frickin arse off”


Not sure how appropriate that is^


I don’t see the abbreviations as a problem, as long as they don’t spell any swear words.


I kinda agree with PRED, abbreviations are much better than spelling it out.


“Arse” is just as bad as the word we use in the USA to those in, say, Britain. It’s a regional difference; like the word “prick.” In the USA, “prick” simply means a needle poked your finger or something, But it is very offensive in Britain.