Online Mission Updates


So I had this idea, everyone in chat keeps on asking about the new Online Mission so I was thinking why not someone make a thread that gives some basic information about newest online mission such as; monster rewards and maybe how many levels are in the mission.  We wouldn’t have where people could post to it so we don’t clog up the thread (Like what Ryan did with the beta build releases) so allow no replying to the thread.  After awhile people would go to this thread for their basic questions first instead of asking chat.  I want to get you’re guy’s opinion on this so tell me if we should do this and if we do what should go on there.   Once we come to a sound conclusion one of us should post it.  I vote before the new one comes out on the 22nd. 


Great idea, if the developers are okay with it and give us the information!


I like it and you know how to prevent postage (because we all know people will post in it)?

Lock it then hide it when we go to update it


Yup, lock the thread.