Old Monsters for next Legendary Festival

How about to put only the regularly not available legendaries in the next festival egg?

so that only the first ones, aegis, leogeist and co will be the legendary eggs and no nightrider, loch and so on?

i started too late for atrahasis for example …

My best bet they will nerf gazer first then add to normal wheel​:joy::joy:

I think for the 22nd they should do a festival egg with same odds as usual not one of these boosted chance ones but put all the legendaries in the game in it

It’s already hard enough to get legendaries. I’d rather have the boosted chance.

I think that special legendary like leogeist, aegist … etc should only be reserved for special festival…They are supposed to be special…not just some normal everyday legendary…

I have 15 egg to hatch at 22oct.
Sounds like 15 epic isnt it ?

pleeeaaase aegis, goldtail, polareon and zib :weary: