ok, seriously


Ive heard ppl complain in chat of facing unfair teams, and mostly it can be payers.

BUT when someone describe 12* robots, I think that the betas should play fair this early. seriously.


Wow really? I havent been in pvp but once since release, and the only 12* i took was omegawyrm… and it was against someone who also had omegawyrm…


rangers, kami and cryo is 12* as well


I havent used any of them outside of single player

I do not have rangers.

Where/How do i get it?


in the event with terrorfish, if you beat boss you got rangers too.


Well, he fought Terrorfish and megalorex, ark wing and Vegitiger

That’s about all he remembers and he said around 24 hours ago

Actually around this time yesterday


I don’t have terrorfish, i missed that event, so it wasn’t me.


I have them but I was getting ready for work (aka sleeping until the last possible minute) during that time

If he remembers anything else, he’ll message one of us and just update the list on here so we can piece it together


This same guy just found Kamiwyrm in PVP.


So, one of the betas, or Jason (since he had access to beta indirectly through Ashley) is being abusive in pvp, and it’s not the three of us, I seriously doubt it’s PREF or Jemni or Kooka but other than that… I have no idea.


he faced the team with kamiwyrm again, and sent me sceenies.

it includes:

subzeratops, Astroleon, typhoonwyrm, kamiwyrm, ventowyrm, infernowyrm, luxknight, omegawyrm.


It’s not me. I haven’t touched PvP since release (except to check PvP prizes).


Jason, Travis, and I haven’t played in PvP yet. We don’t want to modify our teams yet, so we’re instead giving people time to catch up before we PvP.


I don’t know who It could be, the only people who could possibly have typhoon and kami are the betas…


They aren’t in eggs?


Nope, neither of them.


Hm… I see.


The only issue ones are the Kami and Typhoonwyrm, only because I don’t know what that last one is.  Triphoon?

All the others can be grabbed in Gold eggs, 


Yeah, Triphoon, sorry. But yeah, you cannot obtain Triphoon at all unless you where beta.


well, there’s nothing we can do until someone fesses up other than to tell them to stop