*@#! NOOOO

I hate this mobile mod interface!  I just deleted the General Game discussion thread by accident.  I feel horribly sick now.  I was trying to delete a double post I had made and used the mod tools and tapped delete.  Without a warning of any kind, the whole thread disappeared.  Why would an interface be so unforgiving?  WHY?

I hope you guys can forgive me, but i really hope Lars can recover the thread somehow.  And I will never use the mobile mod functions again.  



Ok, LOL.  I am going to double post on purpose here.  I want you to see my reaction after accidentally deleting a thread via the stupid mobile interface.  Then I discovered the topic restoration feature of the full forum and recovered the thread.  Nobody has to kill anybody today.  (At least not me).  

So, let this be a lesson to all new mods.  USE CAUTION WHEN USING THE MOBILE INTERFACE!!!  There is a nice big delete button which you may think will send you to select a post for deletion.  WRONG.  It deletes the whole thread, no questions asked.  Even the full version asks you to confirm a single post deletion.  I mean what the heck?

I have to go change my pants now.  


Let this be a lesson for all of us. :smiley:


Never…ever…ever use mobile for mod action…ever.


You got super lucky Jem

Btw, some double posting is okay with updating the original post and such but past that, avoid doing it


Mobile? What is that?

(My point is that I never use it, haha.)