No legendary challenge, uc gk1000


That fire unicorn looks mighty powerful. That aside, great job mate.

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Beat gk 1500 as well with no legendaries :ok_hand:t2:


Damn unown you beast

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Great fight

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Had to reupload my gk1000 battle

It’s a good thing the death revenge didn’t hit your Delugazar at the end. Otherwise you would’ve been there a while!

How many attempts did you have before you designed this team which counters what the enemy team has? Stun definitely seems to be the way to beat it, I was slow working that out!

I actually had one battle earlier where i aoed 100s of times but the end had cosmo so i couldn’t win. I count at least a 200 attacks before moji would’ve died.

This is the first team i made, i just changed the last 4 monsters each time i lost. Took about 6 tries, but the hardest part was to wait 6 hours for those tickets