New meme monsters

So after “The rockoid” was finally introduced after long last, I think we all want more meme monsters made. So here are my 3 ideas:


Pandora’s box: (legendary boxjaw)

Element: dark or fire

Active skills:

  • Token charge: (50 tu)
    Kills a friendly token monster. Fully heals hp of this monster and charges blast attacks.

  • Power blast: (100 tu)
    This deals massive damage to 2 enemies if charged.

  • 400 second megabomb: ~

  • Energy charge: (100 tu)

Secret skill:

  • detonator: detonates any enemy or allied boxjaws on field. (Damage stacks)

Passive skills:

  • Unwanted entrance:
    (Same as santatron, can’t remember)

  • Thermal resistance:
    Takes 50% less damage from “blast” or “bomb” attacks.


Sergeant sheldon: (legendary shell spammer)
Element: fire

Active skills:

  • Assisted flare: (200 tu)

  • Return fire: (100 tu)
    Kills a friendly shell and places 2 in the enemy reinforcements

  • Shell spin: (160 tu)
    Kills a friendly shell and does critical damage to an enemy monster. This attack ignores barriers like hg and shield.

  • Step back: ~

Secret skill:

  • Golden shower: (50 tu)
    kills a friendly shell and does critical damage to all enemies

Passive skills:

  • Shield entrance

  • Backup: summons 2 friendly goldshells next in reinforcements

What’s a gold shell? Same as a bronzeshell but with shield entrance and auto protect (bronzeshell aluminoid hybrid).


And my personal favourite:

Flutter queen: (legendary flutterdrake)
Element: light or earth

Active skills:

  • AoE

  • Flutter revive: (130 tu)
    Revives the last flutterdrake to have died at half health, next in reinforcements

  • Flutter cannibalise: (60 tu)
    Cannibalises a friendly flutterdrake.

  • Pair bloodcrave: (100 tu)
    Double bloodcrave. Requires a friendly flutterdrake to be in field at the same time.

Secret skill:

  • Hive harmony: (50 tu)
    Accelerates all friendly flutterdrakes by 25%

Passive skills:

  • Stun immunity

  • Royal blessing:
    Doubles the attack power of all friendly flutterdrake when in field.


Open to suggestions or other meme monsters and improvements to my ideas

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I formatted your post a bit to make it easier to read, hope you don’t mind. I was having trouble reading that first monster in particular.

Pandora’s box:

Looks a lot like a counter to tokens, right? I’m not entirely sure what the secret skill does. I think it would be cooler if it created a few more boxes and some in your team.
Secret skill: Detonator -> Instant odd friends 1TU, 50s restriction from first turn (adds 3 “odd boxes” in random places in the enemy team)
Passive skills:
Unwanted entrance -> Pandora entrance (adds 2 boxjaws next in line to enemy reinforcements and 2 boxblessings next in line to your reinforcements)
Thermal resistance -> Pandora revenge (heals allies a small amount, damages enemies a small amount)
Boxblessing is a copy of boxjaw but heals instead of damages. Odd box is a copy of boxjaw but has a 50:50 chance of it either healing or damaging allies.

Sergeant sheldon

Looks pretty cool except runs out of ammunition if you can’t pull it back and it has 3 moves which use shells which seems a bit much considering it only creates 4. I’d say it needs step back to be 3-time use.

Flutter queen

Is the flutter cannibalise reusable? I feel like it should be 3-time use. This monster is awesome and would get people actually using flutterdrakes other than in some PvE content or lower brackets of PvP.


Love the ideas!

Lets have a different name for Golden Shower tho :slight_smile::joy:

And FlutterQueen is a Must Must Must


@Boiler no leave it as “golden shower,” it’s fine that way :sweat_drops:

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Thlug Maximus

Piercing Blow
Thlug Necromancy (Revives Last Thlug Killed) 70 TU
Life Flip Unlimited
Thlug Double Bloodthirst 100 TU

Secret Skill:
Theast All - Kills All Allied Thlugs simultaneously, can only be used once per battle


Thlug Life: All Allied Thlugs have their speed increased by 300% while this monster is on the field

Tholid Plus (Tholid Passive + Unmovable Put Together)

Low speed high attack


Did I just read what I think I read ?

I was thinking about how to make a 6* thlug but to be honest I dot like thlugs enough and couldn’t think of any ideas

As I said, Pandora’s box was more or a joke that I don’t expect to see (although it would be awesome). And for the record “detonator” is based off the idea when a boxjaw explodes, only one boxjaw explodes and the others are potentially wasted. If detonator is used, all the boxes do damage simultaneously and so a lot more damage is done. But I definitely prefer the idea of gaining friendly boxes too :sweat_smile:. Dunno how I overlooked that given I invented a new shell.

The real star was always the flutter queen. Maybe she could be named “flutterqueen victoria” or something

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Let’s 6 star Rhynobrawl and Hellataur