New IC reward


Am I the only one noticing that the index of Ahuizard is 1493?

Finally devs reveal the last piece of Monsterdex that had been designed even before the very 1st pvp season (please note the god-like diamond is No 1525).


Good spot! I’ve been wondering what this SE was for months.

Also, it looks incredibly strong. 50TU raw throw with very high attack on a SE is a bit crazy. It can get lots of kills easily and has stun immunity which makes it comparable to legendary sweepers. I guess this is a big buff for throw teams that’s been intentionally made to help their viability.


The monster is quite similar to Chimeraxus in that it’s a fragile, SE Fire sweeper that needs a bit of set up to shine. As such, I expect it to get the same rank, or one spot higher due to Stun Immunity.


I beg to differ. 50TU sweeping for as long as you have rocks (it can make 3 after first kill) and stun immunity is so much stronger and 50TU unreliable setup followed by 100TU sweeping and no passives.

This new monster is fragile but incredibly good at sweeping. I need to check its damage to be sure but I reckon it can one-shot most things.


It has similar attack to kong, unless devs give a buff to short tu throw.


Tested it, Not type disadvantage = 5 k damage, afterwards it is so strong… Easy to play at +9, incredible, Not even comparable du chimeraxus… Chimeraxus is :poop: ahuizard is strong af


Idk why u think that :joy: incredible low tu moves + stun immune + easy setup :smiley: S range, propably A… And no weakness… Except beeing fragile


The earlier comment I made was before I tested the monster out; having played with it a bit, it has very strong potential. A+ seems pretty fair for it.


Forgot it is a raw move. Yep, should have better dmg and low tu.

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Do revived monsters inherit bonus?