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Not a fan of starting too many threads so i’ll get straight to the point. To keep myself interested in Neo I have decided to make a channel dedicated to mainly pvp. Why? It’s 2019 and it seems like fun. If devs bring back special pvp then that’s a bonus for content as well.

I am also going to recommend other neo content creators (mainly pvp ones) for promotional purposes.

My channel:

@Zardecil :

@Silvers :

@RAF_MonkeyDluffy :

@Jamalj50 :

@Z19Kiwi :

@Killerdog [Commentary]:

KLF Eliezer:

@TNB_SKLunaTiC [A bit more diversed]:

LightGM [Inactive, but has a lot of vids you could learn from]:

@NiteKrawler0 [Diverse]

@Unown [“extreme” style battles]

@Z19_Bagorah :

These are the main ones I know about. Add yours below if you want to promote it.

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Thank u. I gotta post more video now


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This is a great thread I think. Thanks for collecting together all the YouTubers that we know of! Pinning works really weirdly in Discourse. Each person can choose whether a thread is pinned for them. I don’t know which the default setting is, but hopefully it will be pinned for people and they can unpin it if they wish.



There’s mine too(although iploads have been few and far between, gonna work on that though.)



Do the channels post the losses as well? Or only the wins?



@Zardecil I mainly post videos about other games, don’t feel too embarrassed!

@LemonSqueezy I can’t speak for sure about the others but for any videos I make I’m mostly looking for matches that will be entertaining to watch. That means it’s mostly wins, but if I have a cool loss then that works perfectly.

To anyone who is interested in my channel… I have I think about 2-3 PvP videos coming over the next month. I’ll try to bring out a couple of PvP videos every other month. I have other video plans for Neo Monsters in the future too like monster reviews but I need to get through some other stuff first.



I can’t seem to pin posts either…this is weird…



Everything seems to be naturally unpinned for people. I wasn’t sure if that was just me…

All pinning something seems to do is give others the ability to pin the topic at the top of a category for themselves. If there’s anything you can do about this then please do. I think if a topic gets pinned it should naturally be pinned for everyone and they can simply select to unpin it if they wish.

Sorry for diverging from the topic of this thread but with regards to my guides threads my plan was to have a single thread which is pinned Killerdog’s guides and I link everything else from there. I also link to other useful threads, making it a great thread for people to have pinned and use as a way to get to other places.

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There’s my channel as well, which mainly consists of some event videos etc. Haven’t posted anything in a while as well. Still need to finish my my First Ones elemental challenge videos.



Here’s mine. I mostly post “extreme” battles like “no legendary challenge” I have yet to beat gk2000 so I gotta do that or it will haunt me…



@NiteKrawler0 @Unown
I added both of your channels to the original post. If you want the little description to be any different just say so and I’ll change it.

@TheGreatest Hope you don’t mind me slipping those into your post :slight_smile:



I don’t mind at all.



Thank you @Zardecil for deleting my channel link. You could’ve just added yours at the bottom.:joy:

Dw, I’ll edit it back in later…



@Zardecil you never post videos and yet you end up editing your link top of the thread.

Saltmeter is through the roof.

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I think we should do them alphabetically with TheGreatest first, to stop any fighting haha. This is totally not to target Zardecil specifically either XD



Wow everyone reading waaay into the placement of a link on a thread rofl.

@TheGreatest My phone was bugging out when I was editing the post, sorry if I touched anything I shouldn’t have.



Just posted a video. Did dc lvl 90-100 with 4 monsters



That’s epic! It’s great to see Nulltron used for control so brilliantly. TT + Gryph is so powerful for the short fights we get in DC.

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Yeah that 4 monster combo looks deadly for quick games bb can spam like crazy

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