🏆 Neo Monsters tier list (see first post) 🏆

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Full cake means birthday and other one means forum anniversary.

happy cake day tav.

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Not birthday lol, its my 3 year anniversary on forum😊

Happy birthday

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Is there anything updated in the thread? What is the most recent update to the tier list? thank you

I’m gonna say this,I think shiny cyclozar should go up to A tier in PVP cause chronobreaker does such a good job killing many stun counters and a lot of overwatch/give turn monsters that would otherwise be a pain to deal with (penguinator,team turn legendaries,even rocolossus)
And venombreaker does a good job knocking down Charybdia cause scarleguard doesn’t always one shot her due to its type weakness.
And it synergism’s very well with megalodragon,scarleguard,and turbotusk as a frontline,goes even better with retreat and have a tranquilzing/stunning/dreamy entrance at 5th spot.

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Glad someone agrees. A few months ago I tried to ask whether it was good or not, I got only troll replies. I bought it anyway and it’s been great!

true,goes really well with elemphox too with retreat (stone missile)

Also it will greatly benefit from potting as it makes it even faster and notably reduces TU of its skills

Facts,I’ve had it potted for a while,I was just starting to use it last season

Mine wasn’t troll reply tho…

Well half of the time you are a troll

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Is there an updated tier list? I’m referring to the last tier list, the thread is too long to search for, thank you @killerdog

The original post gets updated. So scroll all the way back

Is the first page the update? great thanks !

Is this pvp tier list updated? voydress level D?

The tier list is completely out if balance, thus its advisable to do your own

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