Neo Monsters suggestion for my YouTube Channel

Hi guys,

DMG DonT89 here!
I wanted to know what trigger your curiosity about new initiative regarding YouTube videos.

Comment below to support me, every suggestion is accepted!


I would love to see PvP teams that conclude only 1 archetype.(You can’t use Mortar or energy in a poison or disrupt team, it must conclude only 1 archetype)


That’s more a challenge stuff, but I will see what I can about it :blush:

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Uses teams that we make for u.


Nice idea too

A compilation of battles against the TOP 25 (that you manage to cross).


4 monster only challange

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make more video pvp with top 50, and let’s use lots of tactics


It’s impossible in the current meta :joy:

Not in pvp i mean like event stuff like pve

He did!!!
He completed Dungeon Challenge with 4 mons :slight_smile:


Alright, what about pvp with only se monster

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Pvp? I did that in Dungeon Challenge already.

That’s not really enjoyable for me that I spend a lot to get the best stuff

Yeah SEs aren’t really DonT’s area.

Themed teams for PvP definitely makes for more interesting PvP videos I think.

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Guys I was thinking about creating a weekly appointment called “Hatches Stories” where to bring to my followers some cool stories about my monsters hatch… What do you think about this?

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What triggers my incentive is clicking a video and not waiting until Christmas before you start hatching eggs…

Bro, my honest advice is Get to the point when post an egg hatching video!! Please cut them right down. Edit them when needed. I just want to see the egg hatches nothing more.

I will watch all your videos if you reduced the time of them. It drives me nuts. No offense intended.

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ye i gotta agree with baldy, imo when i saw your video too long it kinda make me lazy to watch it

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Unfortunately I can’t edit lives without losing the views already gained.
That’s why livestreams supposed to be livestreams.
But I will do more non live videos.
Thanks for the feedback guys!

ik about that.
what i meant is maybe you can upload another video which is the shorter version of the livestream.
youtuber often do that, they upload the full livestream and also upload the the shorter version that highlights key content