Neo Monsters current tier list (KD's)

The first time when i used it, it took off just 2/3 hp of the water auto protector. Sometimes, it one shot that water se. Same problem to many other cases, so it is really unreliable. This is the main reason we complain.
Also the upper bound of dmg is low. Inconsistent to other raw moves. Never one shot rounded legends.
Now the 2 star auto protector makes it sort of useless.



This is the second of three update posts. The first covered the changes from version 2.9 (it’s a few posts back from this). This post enters a lot of the new monsters into the tier list as well as some tier list changes for monsters. The third will include the entries for some monsters that I still need to test as well as a major shift down in lots of the monsters as I do periodically to best utilise all 9 tiers to differentiate between monsters.

It’s been 3 months since I last added monsters to the tier list so there are lots to do!


These are done in order of release with mythics, legendaries then super epics, etc. As detailed above, some monsters are missing and will be added in a seperate post very soon (Scyberithe and Megalodragon).

Prismegasus goes in at B for general and A+ for PvP, with low TU double retribution and give turn on a tanky, stun immune monster this has huge power for PvP. The double retribution is incredibly powerful on this monster meaning it can one-shot with ease. The link reliance limits it greatly but the moves it offers make any link setup extremely powerful. What holds it back most is the low speed and weakness to chrono killer. Due to the limitations and weaknesses this is held back to the top end of A+ for me, but clearly is S-S+ in good link teams. For PvE it is a good monster but nothing special and this list factors in link reliance more heavily so it is on the lower end of mythics. Second form is tier 2.

Focalforce goes in at C+ for general and C+ for PvP, with auto-overwatch and one of the highest combinations of HP + defence in the game this can be a nightmare for the opponent to deal with without losing at least one monster to its one-shot attacks. The problems come in that it has very low speed, no immunities / HG / shield and high damage sweeping moves can kill it without any drawbacks. Ultimately this means it is hard to use in PvP because people can play around it and sometimes it will not perform well at all. I love the design and there’s reasonable power but nothing special. Where Focalforce can get nasty is when combined with ways to shield it, heal it or with the new mythic with Scapegoat that can turn it into an auto-protect monster. There will be scenarios in PvE where you can leave the enemy team with monsters that spam AoE so you keep healing your team and Focalforce gets lots of extra turns. Second form is tier 1.

Deus X goes in at C for general and B for PvP, with skip ban being the main gimmick this monster has more to offer than it may appear at first. Good defence + HP + hold ground + lifeflip unlimited makes this survive better than you’d expect against earth monsters while it also has double counter strike to punish the enemy team for earth monsters and switch enemy to disrupt any throw strategy (earth strategy). When you’re facing an earth team in PvE Deus X will be monstrously powerful. However, there is very little else offered in PvE since the AI never skips. As for PvP skip ban not only prevents your opponents from doing any skips but also stops their ability to force you to take moves (normally done by skipping back when you make a skip). This gives you huge control over the timing of your attacks. Also, survivor is strong enough and only 80TU while the monster is tanky with no weaknesses and double counter strike can find targets. Put all this together and you have a good supportive PvP monster but until survivor it will often have not much damage potential. Overall, I think it’s decent but stronger in theory than in practice. I’m rating it low in “general” because of the niche use and quite low in PvP because I don’t think it fits the overall way people build teams and play there. I’ll be interested to see if I’m proved wrong in the future. Second form is tier 2.

Don Rilla goes in at S+ for general and S for PvP, with incredibly high damaging attacks at reasonable TU and almost always one being available this monster has a lot to offer as a sweeper even in the lower forms. Where its true power lies is in OoO because with sleep immunity, consistent sweeping, hold ground, 2x full heal and no weaknesses it can be a nightmare to deal with when your team is partially asleep. Repent can even be used to wake up a sleeping ally if it was able to get a kill before going to sleep from OoO. Even outside of OoO this is a reliable, tanky sweeper. This consistency and combo potential make it deserving of a high tier. Second form is tier 1.

Arachnadiva goes in at A+ for general and S for PvP, with two powerful passives, a piercing retribution and a potentially busted 3-use 70TU move this monster doesn’t just have serious combo potential, it can also work well anyway. The low speed and lower defence are clearly to make it somewhat balanced, plus we’ve now got more ways to deal with camouflage monsters behind protectors so this monster is nothing compared to what it could have been if released months ago. Scapegoat combos with DR, Aurodragon, other more unique things and can kill of dead weight while also being 70TU setup for vengeance which is probably ideal timing for the enemy team to kill the scapegoat. I can see this monster going far, but it is new so I may go back on this. Some are mildly excited about using this in the end-game of a team as it’s got brilliant setup for the last resort. Second form is tier 2.

Suikenshi goes in at B+ for general and S+ for PvP, with focus, stun immunity and reasonably low TU one-shot moves this monster has huge potential as a sweeper. There is a sub-theme that is anti-water here with kin slayer, solo bloodfury and steathbreak (minor stealth theme in water) so that gives it some good use in PvE. However, mainly I think this is for PvP where dual slayerbane will one-shot legendaries and bloodfury + stun immunity is always a good combination. Focus + dual slayerbane is also powerful since when your opponent has a protector if you can kill two sweepers (one of which is probably charged) that will really slow down the enemy team. The secret skill is useless but you can’t have it all! Second form is tier 2.

Pupupa/Poisomoth goes in at B+ for general and A for PvP, with the most aggressive moth moveset and lower TU sweeping moves this is one of the biggest payoffs for keeping a Pupupa alive. This is the community’s favourite of the moths and while I was hesitant at first I can see why. Toxic entrance sets up lots of things and 130TU double sweeping is great when you’ve got triple immunity. The 5* form is better than many others because it still has the 130TU double poison eater which will do enough damage.

Mulasem goes in at D for general and C for PvP, with an incredibly unusual passive that kills itself when it uses a move and revives itself next in line this monster is awkward to use to say the least. Unfortunately, the low attack prevents double poison eater from killing anything tanky if only one target is poisoned, the low speed prevents Mulasem from doing much broken stuff and since it appears next in line rather than straight back into the battle it is unlikely any broken combos can crop up. This monster looks like it is designed to support fire poison teams but it is way too gimmicky I can’t see it ever being viable.

Arboribratus goes in at A for general and S for PvP, with a pair of passives that combine well together, tanking capability, offensive capability, and combo potential this is without a doubt a top notch protector. I went into details in a post above so go read that if you’re interested: Neo Monsters current tier list (KD's). The highlights are +100% attack from enrage teammate (not the usual +50% on 0-5* monsters), tree rot instantly setting up double poison eater which can remove stun protection for your Oakthulhu to then instant poison flash (150s stun) and a 70TU purifying stealth that can be used on an ally. This doesn’t even need to combo with Oakthulhu because it has enough defence/support to work anyway and in poison teams can even sweep. S tier might seem like a stretch but the naturally high defence and very useful moves/passives makes this top notch stun protection in my opinion.

Pupupa/Mistmoth goes in at A for general and A for PvP, with the most versatile moth moveset I think this is the best of the bunch. Double sneak attack does damage worthy of PvE, the 70TU setup is not too bad especially because it purifies (relevant for the 5* form) and when you first create the moth it not only has the option to kill two enemies (like other moths) but can pull back any ally to create a Diamonoid. The 5* form is by far the best. The tankier stats in general + stealth make this harder to deal with than some other moths. It’s held back only by its Pupupa form, like all the other moths.

Lionheart goes in at A+ for general and B for PvP, with a moveset clearly designed for a mythic this is a little lacklustre in its 6* form that simply isn’t threatening enough in PvP. It’s countered hard by poison and has no immunities which makes it very easy to deal with despite the high speed with confident strike and 60TU healing if a teammate has died (so they can’t put Lionheart below 100% HP then ignore it). From the brink is a little slow for a follow up confident strike. However, in PvE you can use skips to very effectively use from the brink and since the AI doesn’t play against it smartly you should get the 7* form and get to properly utilise it. It is great in revival combos too since it has decent speed and can heal from hold ground.

Pandamonium goes in at D for general and D for PvP, with no weaknesses and max defence you’d think this monster is in a great position but the moveset is ridiculously weak. Sleep, poison and stun should give it versatility but each move is very underwhelming and by being so diverse it can’t actually support any team properly because it’s only got one useful skill for that team. Every move on this monster is done better on another monster, often super epics, and putting them all in one place simply doesn’t make them any better. Pandamonium is usable but I’m not willing to put it higher than the bottom tier or perhaps C tier because other monsters have their useful situations or teams they synergise with and this simply doesn’t.

Whitetitan goes in at B+ for general and B for PvP, with incredibly high speed + retreat, interesting entrance passives and low TU sweeping moves this has a lot to offer. Of the two titans this one has the better sweeping moves but the weaker entrance. Dreamy entrance doesn’t set up combos and straggler’s blessing is a huge liability in PvP since without entrance control the opponent chooses when it enters and they can simply use a high TU move in many cases to let it give them an extra turn. With that said, 90% speed retreat in the front line is very useful and there are a few combos for it like in 5th position with Auraleus (eternal energy core 200TU) or later in a team as a way to save a stun absorber and this does have potential as a sweeper.

Blacktitan goes in at B for general and A for PvP, paralleling Whitetitan with a very similar moveset but sleep switched to poison and GT for death I would say this one is more reliable and has better combo potential for PvP but is less good as a sweeper and lacklustre for PvE where poison is weaker and it won’t do enough damage. Straggler’s doom is interesting to have with stun and it can put an opposing player in a tight spot when they choose to bring it onto the field. Even when I say it is a “less good sweeper” than Whitetitan it does have the toxic entrance setting it up with 90% speed and a 100TU poison eater, it’s just if the enemy team purifies at some point you might be in trouble and something which both titans have is minimum defence and health plus no defensive passives. Their movesets are more like super epics but with some combo potential.

Scorpiogeist goes in at S for general and S+ for PvP, with a beefed up version of Freezecobra’s moveset (one of the best SEs) this has immediately made an impact as one of the best legendaries in the game. There is too much to talk about here so I’ll keep it brief. The only downsides are low defence and health with weakness to both chrono and toxic killer (pretty big combined, but worth it for the power you get). 100TU double sweeping, potential 100TU 4-monster sweeping in PvP, 160TU single sweeping if you need it (strong enough for PvE and charged on entry - amazing for an 80% speed monster) and on top of that you have stun converter tying it all together so if you hit any stun you can chain sweeping into more sweeping. Auto-poison all is an incredibly powerful passive that protects your team from sleep while setting up some monsters and having all the benefits of auto-poison. It will not surprise me at all if this monster gets nerfed, it’s nuts in combos and even by itself it has insane sweeping potential right from the first turn while being a high speed monster.

Abyssoldier Breaker goes in at A+ for general and B+ for PvP, with a limiting moveset A.S. Breaker can get kills but not reliably. When you can stun the enemy team it can get kills and continue on with retribution but it doesn’t have long-term benefit on the field and doesn’t support the other Abyssoldiers properly. By itself in a team it will have a one-shot retribution even against buffed monsters and can do good damage with timestrike double but the solo restriction really hurts it. One of the less exciting Abyssoldiers but decent enough.

Abyssoldier Antistan goes in at S for general and S for PvP, with a faster accelerate team and give turn than usual this is already a step above other SEs with these skills. Throw in a powerful damaging move and you have a good monster. Boosted to +9 and accelerated the give turn will be roughly 90TU, not bad at all with stun immunity and tanky stats. The Abyssoldiers we’ve seen so far have no stun protection other than this monster so I count it as essential. Most of them are sweepers so you’ll need a stun immune give turn to help things along. However, where I think A.S. Antistan’s true power is by itself where it becomes a super tanky support monster which can sweep. It loses stun immunity but you can get that from other places.

Abyssoldier Guardian goes in at B for general and B+ for PvP, with bond: auto-protect+ this Abyssoldier is built to support all the A.S. sweepers out there. It has switch friend to bring in another Abyssoldier while this auto-protect+ is on the field and purify for general good support but otherwise you’re hoping there are fire enemies in play in order to do something with impact. I think this is among the weaker Abyssoldiers but certainly makes them work better as a unit. Outside of A.S. teams it is basically an extremely tanky monster with purify and solo double counter strike which is great for facing fire teams (if that becomes the meta in PvP or for specific PvE battles). Good design overall.

Abyssoldier Myst goes in at S+ for general and S for PvP, with bond: camouflage and powerful sweeping moves at 100/110TU from the first turn this is one of the best sweepers for the Abyssoldiers. This combines best with A.S. Guardian for obvious reasons and is one of the biggest payoffs for making an Abyssoldier team. It needs other Abyssoldiers around to get its first kill but if you don’t want to go all-in you can probably use it with 1-2 other Abyssoldiers that work well when left alone (e.g. A.S. Antistan and A.S. Fokus) so no matter which die the one left can continue. Alternatively, use it in a non-water stealth team to grab the first kill then enjoy its 110TU bloodfury while it has very high defence. Rounded stats is perfect for a monster like this with two high damage moves.

Abyssoldier Boison goes in at C+ for general and B+ for PvP, with bond: auto-poison this combines with A.S. Fokus nicely, until you realise the attack on this monster is too low for it to really do much itself. The double repulse is slow and despite the poison eater being 100TU only legendaries with max attack do enough damage with it and even then not for PvE. Auto-poison is good support for the other Abyssoldiers but not essential. There is very little poison in holy element which makes this a great candidate for using as an extra poison sweeper in general poison teams. With the lone fish boost the damage from poison eater is good for PvP, double repulse is good and poison massacre does brilliant damage. I reckon the highlight for this monster is that powerful poison massacre outside of Abyssoldier teams and nothing else is really worth it.

Abyssoldier Shock goes in at C for general and B+ for PvP, with bond: shocking entrance and step back this is the control monster for the Abyssoldier army. High attack and 70TU timestrike is reasonable if you have other stun, but the Abyssoldiers don’t offer that other than on the other storm A.S. which can’t be used with this one (maybe we’ll get stun in one of the four left to reveal). Besides the control the double shocking entrance can give you this monster will not help your Abyssoldiers much. I think it is on the lower end of them. By itself it teams it loses all ability to stun and does not have impressive defence but the 70TU timestrike becomes super powerful. Given what other monsters have, I can’t see that ever being useful. Overall, it gives Abyssoldiers a bit more oomph but could easily be a liability both on the field and if the opponent has stun protection.

Houdinoid goes into the PvP special notes for 0-3* monsters worth using in teams (not the general list). A special rock that has some combo potential with high TU moves + entrance control and as support for a stun absorber to get it back into play (Houdinoid used a few monsters back is best). It also has a counter to shields which can get around protectors, but this isn’t a hard counter because it’s a move on a squishy auto-protect monster. All these uses are very PvP-oriented and can be useful in some teams but are niche.

Sherloid goes into both the general and PvP special notes for 0-3* monsters worth using in teams. Camouflage + auto-protect makes it shut down lots of things and high speed + purify helps counter even more. It’s a solid little addition to lots of teams that is very efficient for its cost, like many special rocks.


A few specific movements to note here, the majority are coming in the next update post (coming soon).

Voidress moves from S+ -> A+ in general
Novemdomina moves from S -> A+ in general, very heavy link requirement which is factored into this list more.
Kuraokami moves from A+ -> A in general
Brynhildr moves from A -> A+ in general
Dragulus moves from B+ -> A+ in PvP, I monster I underrated for too long and didn’t respect the early change to bloodthirst (slightly more damage - makes it one-shot many legendaries after just one kill).

Legendaries (general section):
Magmarinus moves from S -> A+ in general, sweeping potential is limited use.
Terragar moves from B+ -> B in general, low attack holds it back.
Cyclozar moves from B -> C in general
Vulcaroth moves from B+ -> B in general
Deodragon moves from B -> C+ in general
Chronozeros moves from C+ -> B in general, too harsh on this (the damage is good).
Kaerukenshi moves from B -> B+ in general, too harsh on this.
Prismpaw moves from C+ -> B+ in general, too harsh on this.

Legendaries (PvP section):
Gyomurai moves from S+ -> S in PvP, only really S+ in link water with good setup.
Stratustrike moves from S+ -> S in PvP, counters have arisen with time it doesn’t match up with the other S+ monsters.

0-5 star monsters:
Serazael moves from S -> A in general and S -> A in PvP, while the moveset is diverse this is heavily out of date.
Snowhulk moves from C+ -> D in general and C+ -> D in PvP, notoriously bad and I should have had it at the bottom.


Kudos for managing to rate all these monsters; seems that we’re share a similar opinion about most of these monsters. I’m assuming you’re doing additional testing for Megalodragon and Scyberithe, hence why you left those two out.

So agree. This makes me sad because I was excited to try it out.

Lol what? Definitely not top tier in pve.

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Doesn’t work in uc so definitely not S+

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Nvm it is general hehe I was scared for a second…

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I still don’t get why magmarinus, centurian, and sobeking is literally used in every top tier team (if they have it) for a WHILE but they are considered S only? That has to change. No way in hell they are not S+.

Also, some monsters should go down from S+ to S are:

Bloom: easier to deal with and can be out of the game so easily.

Tygoron: literally barely see him played in top and when I see him, the opponent loses.

Delugazar: with protecters nerf, this can be easily dealt with thanks to his slow speed and lack of good defensive stats and immunity.

Oakthulhu: I mean, have you ever lost it without losing before he hits the field? He is weak to purifying mist, camo monsters and poison immune. He can not one shot unless both targets poisoned and the target has to be thunder/storm based. He got nerfed way too much to be S+

I think bloom could stay where it is

Delugazar +9 is fast enough that it can catch you off guard

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Scorpiogeist should’ve been S for PvE, that was a typo I have now corrected. Raw double poison eater 100TU is ridiculously strong considering it has stun converter along with auto-poison to help your team get past shields/HG and it reliably has the move venom strike charged on entry which one-shots buffed monsters.

S is still very close to the top? Also, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s innately the best thing out there. Icefang has been popular since its creation despite it being one of those monsters that is terrible at what it was designed to do (deal with protectors). It’s only mildly playable now it has a roaring entrance repulse that can hit around protectors. There are many other monsters which people have loved to use over the years which I have greatly punished them for.

Monsters like Magma, Cent and Sobek can work slapped into almost any team. Magma with its dual slayerbane, high speed and stun immunity simply works well in a PvP setting to help control the pace of the enemy team. Cent with its instant purify and roaring entrance helps deal with poison/sleep and it can typically do high speed sweeping while being a little annoying to deal with because of the shield. Sobek is in teams for its tranquilising entrance, like Malwing.

Good, solid additions to PvP teams that are commonly played deserve to be quite high in the tier list but S+ is reserved for the most powerful.

Delugazar and Tygoron may not be quite so popular right now but that’s probably because they don’t do much to deal with protectors. I saw them slowly getting used less while the AP spam meta was about and it’ll take a while before they gain popularity again. Oakthulhu is still ridiculously strong despite the nerfs and the best auto-poison monster. Amazing to hear you think Bloomeluga should be dropped after all the talk of it needing a nerf this year.

That’s so not true. We are talking about top tier players. Not casuals like josh or someother who loves playing voidress. The best of the best only play the best.

So we gonna act like bloom didn’t get nerfed directly and also indirectly?

If I followed the meta the tier list would be constantly changing and not really reflecting which monsters are strong. You shouldn’t be so fussed about S monsters not being in the S+ tier, that’s only one tier difference! There are 162 legendaries I have to pick positions for. Also, the game is incredibly complex. How do you expect an individual tier rating to reflect everything about a monster? The tier list is a rough guide, it is impossible to show everything here.

Bloom’s nerf was not hugely significant. All it did was slow the speed of the first tsunami mortar / increase the time between the first attack and the second attack by roughly 25s. The fact camouflage behind protectors is not so powerful any more does not power it down by much. This was a popular use of it but not one I really rated it on. Even if protectors didn’t exist I’d probably rate it S tier or so.

Arboribratus is no were nearly being S monster at best hes B to A.

Cyclozar is a A monster not S hes literally being played at the moment due to scorpion speed if scorpion gets a speed nerf he will be out of the meta.

Gyomurai to B+ hes been nerfed too much and is unreliable.

Nulltron to A too many players are running stun counters/immunies/convertors and those that dont run them they run willo or bloom.

Novadrake A hes just a win more monster that have the same effect nearly as shockers. If you are already winning the game hes just going to close it for you and if the opponent had no stun aborber hes basically a shocker in a meta full of stun immunies hes no good. I just feel you are way to bias towards him.

Utopion to B+ hes no longer that great after the nerfs to link holy and better options are there such as bloom/willio not to mention the op lion.

Zeuswyrm to A same reason as null.

Thats pretty much cover the S and S+ tier and you really should revise your A+ tier since alot of monsters need to shaft.

Monsters that are underrated.

Ziberius is atleast a B+ to a A
Motordragon A
Azrazel A+ or even S
Oniblade A

Monsters that are overrated
That are not in the S or S+ tier

Razien at best a B+
Heavenswyrm B
All the Pupupa should not pass C+
Gloreonix is almost a D at best he be a C
Shadowyrm should atleast be A

You were saying how last PvP season you had your best win rate ever and that was with what you called your “Gyomurai team”. I’m seriously confused why you’re writing this now??

I will take another look at Utopion, I think that’s one I intended to drop but forgot about when I came to the update. I will be doing another thread soon where I’m dropping a lot of monsters as I try to spread them out over the tiers better. It’ll be a good opportunity for me to drop monsters which are not good in their tier.

The Pupupa will all be dropping. I didn’t want to be too harsh to them before we got a better idea of whether they can work.

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A B tier monster can have the same impact as an S+ when played in a specific team that support him gyomurai is not a monster currently worth rolling for even tho i had a good winrate with him last pvp but its probably due to players not knowing what to play due to update changes and after the anniversary and hallowen egg it became quite clear that posion is the dominant meta at the moment with fast sweepers.

Gyomurai does not have a significant impact on the game and only shines in one team that fit him and that team is a top tier with or without gyomurai.

I also said gyomurai team but to be realistic all the monsters in that team were fixed and any monster would do the same job as gyomurai in that team it just happend that i was using alot of water monsters and gyo fitted well in it.

Imagine this a football team with 11 players that have 10 superstars and 1 medicore player of course the team will do extremely well due to the number of superstars and not due to the 1 medicore player.

Who is Josh? :thinking:

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Definitely! Supporting this

The other guy who loves voidress. I think it is jos something but I went with an easier word :see_no_evil: @Josuinho oh here he is