Need some input *possible spoilers

So Dahag, big angry bone dragon north of arborun. I have 2 S class meowzards with this lovely talent called deathnull which makes his attacks… Well null. So I’m averaging about 4k dmg a round against him with my 2 lvl 35 meowzards and after he whipes my entire party all that is left standing are my meowzards. I literally spammed this guy for 45 minutes and his hp bar didn’t drop a millimeter. Is it worth the frustration to keep at it just to say I killed the guy with 2 level 35 meowzards? I would generally think so but it’s a bit taxing on my phone and eyes lol.

He’s invincible if you fight him before you’re supposed to in the story (if you walk off the green path and get attacked by him). So don’t bother until you’re supposed to fight him. 

I made this mistake as well. It was quite frustrating at first, but luckily someone stopped me before I started going crazy haha.

Haha yeah you’re supposed to continue the storyline until you seriously fight him. Good thing he wiped out my team with continuos rounds of bonus actions before I spent too much time on invincible dahag

Hahah did the same lucky i killed him with none of my party dying