Need freinds

Hi I need some. Freinds my freind code is 41380176 im sharing delugazar +4 i dont care if you are sharing legendary of SE .I dont remove anyone untill he don’t play more than 10 days

90904923 sharing mete atm

Feel free to add me. 37155021
I’m sharing Stratustrike+5 and play multiple times a day without fail.

EDIT: Just realised you both shared your codes here. I sent you requests.

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Add me 94105804

I share whatever the ■■■■ I feel like sharing that day

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Go to a bar and find some.

@Zardecil endorsing drinking alcohol? I never thought I’d see the day!

Alchohol not included.

Go to a bar and don’t order a drink? You’re such a Rubix Cube @Zardecil

No no. You go to a bar… to find a friend… to buy you a drink

I think that’s what he meant

I like those.