Need advice on my mediocre team

Really struggling to make a good team out of these monsters.
I’m barely able to complete the first battle in challenge events middle difficulty. No chance of completing hard on any event.
My current team looks like this right now.
Screenshot_20181110-175110 Anybody able to help ?


Well you don’t have a big pool and therefore it Will be hard. You have to play to make things work. I would evolve captain whiskers and try to support him with a good protector and season. You should as well use the bone who sacrifice himself to opponent team. If you get somehow to he point where whiskers 300s fire is unlocked u might sweep the enemy. Grovo can be useful as but then you need a stun absorber

You can still use your monsters:

  • Use your purple demon guy with one on one and wings and three fingers on each hand

  • Evolve your pirate cat

  • Evolve your holy lion protector/stun absorber

  • Use your blue Dragonball Z dragon with the above 3 monsters and you have a decent FL

  • Use your shocking entrance holy dragon with wings and a Viking helmet at slot 5

There’s a good start, don’t let people tell you that you don’t have the monsters to make a decent team @Salber . Feel free to PM me with more questions.

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I definitely agree that ultra-evolving Captainwhiskers is a good idea

Should I try to put bitterbeast in?

Please help me im struggling in this mission please fix my team to defeat this mission

Can you help with my team please

Well it would be nice to know what you’ve tried.