Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

If u see old lionheart in Yt ,that thing is Ace card in UC can deal 50k+ damage. Idk why the damage its very low now🤔.

Anyway did someone notice Ankara ,I feel like he not have synergy skill.
He have nullfier ,but he only have 2 Attacker skill

I love Runeconqueror ,but why he have stun as secret skill. I am prefer they change the secret skill to instant hypnosis .If not change the passive to tranquilizing entrance .but I feel this is to broken lol.

Metatherion maybe this is the worst First one ,I would love he have sleep imune punisher instead pullback. sleep grenade 100sec → 70sec (purify enemy and then put enemy to sleep) , increase the speed to 50% , dual summon → triple summon

Potent sleep : Guarantee Sleep, every 2 Times used.
Rizky heal 100sec → 50sec
Rizky heal all 100sec → 70sec


A regular sneak attack for Ankara would be :heart_eyes:

I think Runedragon is amazing and probably easier to run alone, without the set up for Rune conqueror tbh. I agree the mythic version needs a buff.


buff - lionheart and sepheris (both mythic forms)

natural selection ----> natural selection+ ----> ignores hg and shield + negates enemy revenge


It’d be fine with either one, but both at the same time is hefty… Especially on a Roaring Entrance monster

I’d love to see natural selection in general negate revenges, seems to go with the purpose of the move.

Lionheart uses natural selection on a mushashoid, chokes on its prey, dies


Onyxia is seriously in need of a buff its a cluncky mythic tbh
My buff
Sleep immunity ---- harden carapace, its a bug and looks though as a rock
Element healing---- element shield ally
Dispairing wave ---- double disparing wave


@Guesswhosback thoughts?

All it needs is full defense


Kinda pointless…

Less tu

The more I look at Medbie the less sense I find @Dev_VKC

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Remove Raw from Arachnodrake SS
Again Kuraokami 160TU Avalanche and if possible Yukis coming potted depending on the shard


Make snow blessing something better.

It should purify everything as well. That’ll make it harder for poison to nullify its passive


Snow blessing need to purify averyone
When iukis on field with kuraokami they should become stun absorvers or get a litlle defense boost
Noxdragon could get a buff remove is single assisted move , give it something with less tu like counter atack,slayerbane,life flip

I agree
I awake Kuraokami but never use it cause Poison EG are common then Kuraokami don’t do nothing and also had the revenge denied for poison

don’t use it EG then. lol.

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Yeah, but then you’re even more vulnerable to tranquilizers

If i dont use him in EG i need to put a eater to kill all useless Yukis when he die
Also they can kill my stun counter,let Yuki Enter,full stun
Tbh Kuraokami is a little weak,almost all awakened Myth (not support ones) have one skill to kill one hit and don’t need another monster in battle
Kuraokami need to summon Yukis (59 secs awaken)
Then,wait for they enter in battlefield,and then it’s when he can attack,also Yukis die with one shot of everymonster,that makes Kuraokami more hard to use well cause if you are lucky and can attack at least one time you can be sure Kuraokami don’t attack again
And SS is a little weird,it’s like a link Slayerbane all but need summon 3 yukis (almost 150 secs from first turn of Kurao) and even that,kill all your monster too?
Just lol, Kuraokami is ancient myth,i know, but Huskie,Naturgoul, Voidress,Novem,they are ancient too and still used cause can do something