Monster encounters, level too high?

I’ve been trying to capture monsters I missed back in weaker areas using my 70+ team and can’t get any encounters. Switching to a weaker team, I made a team of lvl 5’s, had me getting encounters like crazy. Is the game purposely preventing me from encountering monsters with my high level team? Do I have to beat the game for this to stop?

You can encounter weaker arks. xD just double tap the place you want to encounter.

It’s really that simple? Here I am thinking once you go through a zone it’s “neutralized” and you have to return to town to “reset” it.

Yep that simple

It’s easy to not notice this feature since there’s nothing in-game that tells you about it lol

Perhaps they assumed many people already played DIB and would know. There would be some indication, though, I agree; probably where it first teaches you how to move.

I had previously played DIB, it had just been awhile so I had completely forgotten about that mechanic.

Ummmm thank you so much for this answer about the double tap…this has enhanced my play experience by a million.  And here I was going back and forth, and I was like the other guy thinking you had to go back to a town to “reset” the map! Thanks so much and sorry to bring up an old thread