💭 Monster Design Ideas Mega Thread 💭

It will be the “Abyss Queen” Poseida… Wearing only a crown and holding her trident to cover the lady bits.


you mean their female forms?

@Dev_VKC I would like you to create a version of Galvane with the following characteristics and abilities
6 :star: Stars
Legendary monster -
ELEM: Lightning :zap:
TYPE: Robot :robot:

:heart: Life: 3300
:crossed_swords: Atack: 5950
:shield: Defense: 2950
:hiking_boot: Velocity: 98%
Abilitys skills:
:small_blue_diamond:1. guardian execution ( just like twist and ankoudragon have it )
:small_blue_diamond:2. paralyzing pulse
:small_blue_diamond:3. Time attack
:small_blue_diamond:4. bloodmania

:small_orange_diamond:Passive skill: Hold ground (territory 1hp)
It would be good to counteract the AP SPAM that exists today. It would have a lot of attack and little life, so when using bloodmania it will die fast, and compared to the super epic twist, they have the same guardian execution speeds, and it would be something similar to aunkoudragon but more usable in pvp… it would be something like a “shadowyrm” but for the current meta

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Vanessa- The Queen Bee


all the monsters that are created are “Animals” “Insects” “Men” … It is time to include the following evolutionary scale in the game: “Robots” “Gods” “Aliens”

I think they are already in the game

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Good concept but I dislike the art style.

I wish they could have a monster that can switch form in the game , i dont know what to say so i will just use these 2 photos to explain what i am talking about


It’s a good idea. It’s estimated that the company will realize these functions when it has money


Love this idea! The concept of dual-form monsters is something I want to see in the game! The only thing that scares me is Double Piercing Blow, on a monster with Roaring Entrance and a 50% ATK boost… That basically means two guaranteed kills every time you switch forms, that’s OP!

I guess you all forgot about bundam

Very good

Well Bundam takes ~50 seconds at +9 for the simple fact that you have to use Terminator Mode first. Also he’s single target. Still doesn’t change the fact that Bundam is my spirit animal

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@Dev_VKC -Colossal - have never seen a legendary or mythic Squid or Octopus Monster so i just did a sample😅

Very nice concept! I think there might be a few problems though:
-The stun potential is there but it’s underpowered for a mythic. I would give it at least timecrush.

-Gravity field will lock it to spamming timestrike and assisted all if it doesn’t take any damage. This isn’t such a big of a problem because it does have a useful passive.

-Talking about the passive. The percentage could be way more without the monster being too overpowered. 5 per cent on a 50 sec skill would become 53 sec, even 200 sec would only be 210 sec. So I think the percentage could safely be increased to 10-20%

-It will need incredible defence for the SS to be of any use. This means it will probably have very slow entrance speed.

Yeah, i was wavering if i should make mythic of legendary, but your suggestions would make it much better though, i am not so good when it comes to the skill part😅

maybe exchange assisted wave for taunt or normal overwatch.

also, what if ink shot was “not a stun skill”? :slight_smile:

ink shot could be changed to be more central to a strategy. for instance:

Ink Shot: This skill stuns a target for 150 seconds and swaps it with the next monster in line. this is not a stun skill. can only be used after this monster takes damage.
Tangled: Whenever this monster enters the battlefield, all enemy monsters get slowed by 10%; stacks 3 times

This would make swap for helper make more sense in its moveset.

The Secret Skill could be something like Ink Shot, but it hits all enemies for 30 to 50 seconds instead.

Screenshot_20210430-153154_Neo Monsters

hi, i would like you to create this bomb, in legendary format … and it is called “Nuclear Bomb” (that is type fire)

And let his ability be self-protection and massive explosion: When this monster is killed by a rival, it causes massive damage to all monsters, it ignores maintaining territory …

But when it is destroyed by an earth-type monster, it is deactivated and its effect will not cause any damage. And when he’s killed by a water-type monster he will kill his own companions

But we already have explosive revenge legend with blood clone next legend. Ur idea is cool too

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Yes but more strong kill and ignore mantain hold ground