Is this monster going to get buffed in the very near future? I mean seriously, purifying mist is great and all but that’s about it… roaring entrance doesn’t really do anything if he’s not an attacker. Compared to the other legend festival this little guy is a disappointment. And I thought he was gonna be awesome since VKC has been hyping him up for a couple months now.

Doesn’t really do anything? Man… The only buff he migth need is roaring in all his forms or more speed… But his moveset is really awesome (the secret skill can be flash stun without the link) he is a great support monster. The sweepers are not the only way to win.

How would you use him on your team?

Mojinator’s stun flash should be without the word link.
Also one thing that I do not like is that chromera’s chrono killer one shots moji in many cases.

Secret skill should be stun blitz like raizen has

I think we only need ejector seat to work once so we get the 2nd evolution and he comes in with roaring. No need to have non evolved or moji come in. They do more damage to your team than good

I must admit moji is pretty disappointing. I expected him to be great but he really isn’t. His ultra evolution has a good move set but his secret skill is useless I mean he has exit plan which puts him anywhere in the team so how is a link secret skill ever going to be a good idea for that?

Since we are removing link from SS can we do the same for prisma :slight_smile:

The thing is mojinator is actually a pretty good monster, it’s just he suits a very slow team and right now the top teams are anything but slow. In fact mojinator is so slow that it’s better to put his second and third forms on the enemy team instead of using them a lot of the time

Lol I tried putting him in so many different spots on my team, he literally is useless. Only thing I can think of is putting him near the front line with Shurakaizer and another “stealth” assasin. Because other than that he just takes up space in pvp

Moji might just be another endgame dweller, since his slowpoke lower forms can’t do any harm back there. Unless the devs plan to bolster the speed or do away entirely with one or two forms.

Give the 2ND form roaring so you can take it out from your team easily,so yuu dont have to deal with 1St form again and you get two heals from 1 monster

moji is so bad id rather use thordragon instead LUL

Well, as one of moji’s biggest fans, i officially took him out of my team. Sometimes he save the day, sometimes he aint doing anything, and sometimes he backfire at your team. Most of the times, in this pvp, he did nothing/back fired. So i guess i was wrong about him, he aint that great.

Devs please do something.
Make mojinator useful and just removing ‘link’ from stun flash will help.

Yeah, it will actually.