Moderators & iTunes Gift Cards


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all for helping us out with beta. 

As a small token of appreciation, we would like to send you a $25 iTunes Gift card. 

Please give us the following to process this. 

  1. Your Registered Appstore Country (this is usually where you bought the ios device if you didn’t change it manually). 

  2. Your email (we will send you an electronic code)

You can either post this info below or send a private message to Ryan if you don’t want to post your info online (please dont do both).

And lastly, please also let us know if you are interested in helping us moderate the forum, we are expecting a lot of users to sign up once the game is released, as there will be the direct link within the game. 

Thanks again!

Best Regards,


p.s. please take it easy on PvP next week. We don’t want new players to leave the game after getting ripped apart by one of you guys. Make it seem close :slight_smile:

  1. United States




and I would like to help with the forum, if you think Id be of use.


Btw, I’m totally interested in Moderating :wink:



I am willing to help in whatever way I can.




1: United States of America


I am absolutely interested in moderating. I’d love to help out!


Thank you very much!

  1. United Kingdom

I would most definitely like to help out in any way I can so sign me up if you want me :slight_smile:


United States

Thanks for doing this, that’s really kind of you.

And thanks for the offer with moderation, but I’ll have to pass. I’m far too busy in my life to take the responsibility. 

And as an aside, I apologize for my recent inactivity again - college exams and work have taken so much of my time. But the game seems so close to release anyway :slight_smile:

  1. USA


I’m interested in moderating.  Happy to help.  


I live in the United States of America and my email is

Thank you very, very much! 

And yes, I’m interested in moderating. Thank you for that offer as well. :slight_smile:


Please count Travis as well, he’s been actively helping with testing but most of the issues he found he told me and I grouped them with the issues I found.

United States.


United States.

I would consider being a mod, if I wasn’t working part-time and going full-time to college. A YEAR AND A HALF LEFT AAAAAAA


It doesn’t get easier after college

It gets worse :frowning:


That is just life Dead, it never gets easier…


I think it will get better after college… when I can finally focus full time on developing games and stop wasting time with classes I don’t care about!


United States

(Been rather busy lately and finally got time to check this out, the game has been great and thanks.)


im closing this now. Ryan will be sending out the giftcards before release. Please save 99cents to purchase and review hunter island :slight_smile:

new mods, please go to the mods section and read the rules first. 


Hello all of you in the US!

Thank you again for your help on HI beta. It has been an extraordinary ride and we couldnt have done it if it wasnt for the awesome beta group.

I will email you the giftcard in a bit!

  1. Please claim the gift code. Here is how:

  1. Please back up your Hunter Island DOCUMENTS folder. Here is how:

    1) Download iExplorer:

2)    If iExplorer wants to install a image mounting software, please let it do so.

3)    Once iExplorer is up and running, connect your device.

4)    On iExplorer, find Hunter Island on the left tab under Apps.

5)    Click on Hunter Island

6)    Rightclick Docments and export to folder. This will save a copy of the documents folder in your pc/mac. This is the back up of your save game, so please put it in a secure place.

  1. Please DELEATE Hunter Island from your device

  2. Please Buy Hunter Island from the Appstore (it will be 0.99 cents out of rthe 25 dollar gift card :wink:

  3. Once Hunter Island is downloaded from the Appstore, please re-connect your device to iEplorer.

  4. This time, find Hunter Island on the left tab again and right click on Documents, but this time please Deleate it. Once its gone, drag your backed up Documents folder from your pc onto where the Documents folder juast was on iExplorer.

  5. Kill the Hunter if it was running in the background, and diconnect.

  6. Your save file should be transferred over now!

Please let me know if you are unsure about anything. I dont want you to lose your progress!!

Also, I would recommend you do Step 3 and beyond only after the App has gone live.

Im sorry its a rather complicated process, but this is a safety measure, as I noticed downloading the appsotre version ontop of the testflight version often cause problems related to Gamecenter (thus pvp).

Thank you again and I’ll see you around in the forums!

Best Regards,



On a side note, any of you ( I know a few have) that I have told to get Diskaid to do this, if you want to use that to do it, it works very much like the instructions above. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Edit: AWESOME!! Just got my code to work, took me 3 tries… So much dyslexia…