Moderator Abilities


I think moderators should have a few more abilities. Now, maybe I just missed where these can be implemented (because I did it differently on my other site). But here are some examples:

  1. Post moderation. I’ve been talking about post moderation but I can’t see the option to enforce post moderation for a member.  This is useful because sometimes you don’t want to completely ban the member. Instead, you want to sort of watch the member to see if he or she will behave. This is where post moderation comes in. We should be able to make sure any user’s posts require approval by moderators before being posted.

  2. Suspension. Suspension is much like a temporary ban that automatically comes undone after a period of time. 

  3. Restrict ability to post content. Useful if you don’t want to completely punish the person by banning but you want to prevent that person from posting content. Maybe their rule violation wasn’t bad enough to warrant blocking them from all the information on the site, but does warrant blocking them from creating posts.

This functionality comes from the warning system, but it appears all of the warnings only act as verbal warnings. 

If there is another way to do those things, let me know and I’ll feel fairly dumb. I’m too used to doing it through the warning system :slight_smile:


Don’t feel dumb, Ashley; I don’t know how to do these either.

I am fairly new to moderation, so I’m typically only moderating chat and deleting double posts for now. I haven’t touched the warning system yet, and I hope that I never have to (as in, everyone behaves. <_< )


I checked out the moderator control panel and couldn’t find the ability to do these things in there. 


I know you can ban people from posting in the forum but I don’t know if it’s a temporary ban.  The other mods keep on discussing 3 day bans however I have no clue on how to inflict those.


You can temporary ban, i do not know how exactly, but it can be done.


Maybe after the person already has a warning then adding more warning points has a more significant effect? I can’t test that, obviously, because that would be unfair to the person I’m testing it on…


Somebody create a dummy account and just mess with it.


Are we aloud to do that?


I dont see why not; ITS FOR SCIENCE!


…let’s wait for the other mods to approve this action before we do anything.


I dont see why we couldnt make an acc to test it on. The only way it would affect others would be that itll take up a username they cant pick in the future right?


I’ll make a dummy account.

I’ll call it Hulkpool

Warn the HECK out of it and let’s see what happens


I can’t find a better place to put this, but:

Are we allowed to use HI images for things like banners?

Are we allowed to share the raw images through maybe a zip file, for the general public?

Some people wanted me to, but I’m not sure if I could do this. Thanks in advance.


I wouldn’t.  There are monsters in that zip that haven’t haven’t been implemented yet.


I’d say use everything BUT the event arkadions if you can separate them


I mean, I have to hand pick them anyway. I would put them into a separate zip and just put in the ones that are already released.

But if that’s still a no, I understand. What about the first question, though?

++ninja’d by Dead, thanks


*shrug* I don’t see why not if we do that then, however I think that is a question we should get word from the devs before we do that.


That’s why I posted it here; I was going to ask Tom but he left before I could haha.


I hope you all realize if we get in trouble, its all my fault… please dont get me murdered by Lars and Ryan :wink:


Message Ryan if you guys want to use them

As long as it isn’t the event monsters, i don’t see what the problem is…