Middle door on 12th floor

I’m on the 14th level on the 12th floor and it’s saying that i can choose the middle door but risk losing all my badges. What’s behind the middle door? Cause I’m not trying to lose my badges lol

Hard fight.

Did you beat it? What’s the lineup so i can counter it
Also what’s the reward for choosing that door?

No reward. If you want to risk it I’ll savor the surprise for you :wink:

I beat it, lol it was a normal fight. It was some mysterious guy with a bunch of question marks for his name

I’m assuming you didn’t pay much attention to the story…

Lol no, i clicked through the whole thing as fast as i possibly could

Fight for honor.

You cant hatch things with honor.

I laughed more than I should have at this

You missed out on a great story ^^

Questionmarks mysterious guy … bet he had red hair.

What was his line up would like to see him but dont want to lose my badges.

So I am going to loose my badges if I get to 12.14 complete I am at 12.4 right now cuz this games already wasted my ticket 700+ only on floor 12 cuz getting again and again trainer

Fight for your honour
12.15 Middle Trainer Battle
Enjoy it
Done it in first try