Major issues in game

So this game has some major issues in not only mechanics but in fairness to everyone. The most major one is not all gazers the same it seems only a select amount of people got the ss for him I hate fighting it but how is that fair.


there’s something with the matchmaking system too.

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Every gazer is equal, but some gazers are more equal than the others.

Mine has ss, cost 16, and wont let me lock it.

I just deleted a few posts here which were off topic. This thread is not about general issues with the game or a place to rant about other stuff. It’s talking about a specific bug to do with Deathgazer. If I’m reading right… the secret skill can’t be turned on or off properly?

Ya i cant turn mine off.

It’s like the devs removed its ss from game but left everyone gazer with or without the ss

We have found and fixed an issue introduced to Deathgazer when we implemented the new on/off system, this will be rectified in an update coming soon.