Luc's Challenge

  • Sort by stars
  • Look at your friend code
  • In the team builder, pick out the monster corresponding to the first digit of your code(if it’s 4 then pick the fourth one from the left)
  • Move to the next page and do the same with the second digit
  • Repeat with all 8 digits, then go around a second time starting at page 9, totaling 16 monsters
  • If it’s a 9, you can pick whichever one you want
  • If it’s a 0, skip both the row and the number. If there’s more than one 0, treat every 0 after the first one like a 9.
  • If there’s at least one 0 in your code, turn all secret skills on. If not, turn them all off.
  • Make a team with the 16(or 14) monsters you’ve chosen. Good luck!

I like this

Sign me up. As long as you are competing though.

This is a smart one!

Thought I’d do it for fun. Here’s what mine came out as…

(Didn’t bother turning on the link TT)

It could’ve been worse, but not seeing much synergy there

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This is a lot of work @Lucrayzor

LINK piercing blow and HP sharing