@Dev_VKC how about u add a lottery feature, u enter with 40 gems and you have the possibility to win 4000 gems we already have waifus soo not too unmoral.


I can see this going wrong mate. Generally lotteries come at a net loss to people so I’d certainly avoid it

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Well still the same thing to me opening a pack gives me nothing rather put it when in the lottery


I actually like this idea. Maybe 4000 gems is too much though. Perhaps 40 gems maximum bet and the jackpot would be 5x the gems you bet, winnable only 1 time. Obviously there would be other rewards in the lottery too such as rare monsters, legendary potions, 3 mythic tickets, 3 legend tickets for example.

Or perhaps a whole new event based on the lottery? For two weeks you have a chance to acquire tokens from every battle you do. You collect them which you can use in the lottery and win prizes such as 20 gems, 500k silver, 10x golden fruits etc. And for the main prize maybe an exclusive SE?

It could be called: The Luck Goddess’/Dragon’s Lottery event.

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Gambling games come under a completely different set of legal restrictions and the game would have to become age restricted.

The gacha is a “loophole” of sorts because you’re spending in-game currency for non-guaranteed results. Hence there’s no direct connection between the money spent and random results. However, gambling in-game currency which you purchase with money for in-game currency crosses the line into the actual gambling game definition.

I highly doubt they would ever consider this.


But if it included gambling then it would fit the rating the Waifus honestly should have garnered anyways :joy::joy::joy:


It should be age restricted anyways with the disgusting monsters they’ve added


Great first post. I find it funny that a lot of people start posting on the forum for the first time to bash Waifus :joy:. We agree with you and welcome your disgust



Can’t you see that this game already needs an age restriction?


I don’t understand the amount of trust u guys have in devs while they are constantly accused about fake egg rates :roll_eyes:

Within hours , people will rage about their gems getting stolen if lottery of this type ever enters neo.


True. It’s so easy to call for a scam, this would probably result in some disgruntled players leaving the game because it feels unfair

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Why come at me with this?? I’ve already agreed about the age restriction on a number of threads and I hate the waifu designs as much as everyone else :S

Only once seriously. The rest of the times it’s players being disgruntled asking “Is this even possible?!?”, particularly newer players. However, yeah you’re totally right that if there was gem gambling in the game it would lead to a huge number of players getting wound up or feeling like it’s rigged.

I mean even at a surface level it will obviously be coded to give, on average, fewer gems than you put into it. Hence, all it will really do is steal gems away from players who are suckers for gambling… like pretty much any other gambling game.


@DMG_LUCKDRAGON or luck dragon whatever he is is gonna take everything

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I like your idea, the main prize can be should be claimable by 10-15% players and a limited legend claimable by only 5% players and to avoid that ‘gem-stealing’ hustle, usernames of players and their friend codes must be made public and the winners can also post it on the forum so that we know our tokens and tickets are not getting stolen.

Why do you guys want to work for the chance of getting a reward?? Chance for gems which, in turn, give you a chance for something good. That would give me such a headache.

Oh, I’m sorry.

That would not benefit any player. I wouldn’t even try it.


I stand by my event suggestion. No need to work for anything if you don’t want to.