Let's clear up some of the threads


So we all know the Where’s that Monster Subforum is the most popular part of the forum.

That said, we need to condense or delete some of the repeats.

I’m for condensing the smaller ones but leave the bigger ones alone and separate from the others.

Who agrees?


Yeah, good idea. People shouldn’t flood the forum when they can find the answer in a post already made. 


I agree, we shouldn’t let the forum be cluttered by the same question over and over again.


Let’s make it a project for tomorrow then, when the majority of us are on.

The main sub forum would be where’s that monster

The second would probably be bugs

Any other ones I may be missing?


General Game Discussion?


Yeah, they tend to ask a lot of the same 3-4 questions there.


I say we leave this thread 24 hours before deleting it or at least until they respond so that they don’t feel like it was just deleted for fun.



Or we can merge it into the main thread?


Oh yeah, sorry not used to the moderator things, still getting the hang of it so forgot that’s a thing. Oops!

Umm…did I do it right? I mean…I figure that title is far more accurate to the discussion than simply “Bonus Actions” anyway…