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Got a new legendary/mythic and wondering what it does or how to use it? This guide is designed to answer exactly that! I won’t be detailing in extreme length or telling you exactly how good a monster is because things change over time depending on the new monsters coming into the game. However, I can give a brief overview of the moveset on each monster and give some ideas for where it can be useful in a team. Each legendary/mythic monster has a purpose in the game but many of them are not clear or have aspects that are hard to value. Hopefully this guide will inspire you to think about your team building some more and to play around with everything you have!

Similar to my Legendaries/Mythics listed + stats guide, I will be ordering the monsters in terms of their element and then alphabetical. Mythics will be listed after legendaries. To look for specific monsters you can also use the search function within this page. Here are links to particular posts:
Post 1 - Earth legendaries/mythics
Post 2 - Fire legendaries/mythics
Post 3 - Holy legendaries/mythics
Post 4 - Shadow legendaries/mythics
Post 5 - Storm legendaries/mythics
Post 6 - Water legendaries/mythics

For some monsters I have added a link to a post on the forum where I’ve gone into further detail. Sometimes when a new monster has been released I’m inspired to write about what I think it does and will be good for. However, bear in mind that these detailed posts are written at the time the monster is released so any later nerfs/buffs, combos, etc. will not be included there. If anything contradicts what is written here in this guide then believe what’s written here (I will not be updating all those old posts).

Additionally, if you want to see moveset details and such then I recommend you search for the monster on the Neo Monsters Wikia. I will not be listing movesets or stats here except for when specific bits are being highlighted.

KD's Legendaries/Mythics listed + stats
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KD's Mythic monster movesets

Earth legendaries

The main feature on this monster is its ability to create 6 rockoids for a throw team. It is also surprisingly tanky because of its good defence and high health, which makes it fit the role of being a support monster nicely. You’ll find that “throw” doesn’t do much damage to buffed monsters in PvE but the poison immunity means you can use Bahamuzar to counter specific challenges where there are lots of poison monsters. It is very important to have the secret skill unlocked so Baha has some threatening damage potential. Swift double catapult requires a rockoid at the back so I highly recommend having some monsters beforehand that will leave a rockoid at the back so Baha can swift double catapult before using summon swarm.

This monster is all about the 400s novablast move, which will kill everything it touches. Bazilogon works as a support monster for 400s then switches to be a killer with novablast and bloodthirst. Passing 400s is hard and requires building your team around time-passing strategies like one-on-one and stun. Probably the most effective way to do this is one-on-one which will pass 320s and Bazil can follow up with stun blitz to pass another 100s. This is easiest to do in a front line and, when combined with other monsters that benefit from passing time, can be a very strong strategy in PvE. In PvP you may find the strong teams have counters to this stuff. Stealth all is incredibly useful in a lot of situations too, so don’t forget Bazil has it! If you use this monster without building around it you’ll find it quite bad.

One of the last biters in this game, it is exceptionally strong in the early-mid stages of the game content when used alone in a team or with a team built around stunning the opponents lots, accelerating it then leaving it by itself. However, in the tougher content and in PvP it will often face some trouble with entrance/revenge passives from other monsters so you can’t rely on it completely. It is best used at the end of the team with roughly 2-3 monsters in front that can sacrifice themselves or one that can backstab (kill teammates) in order to leave Dragaia by itself, preferably accelerated. Lifeflip is there to help it survive until it is last. The secret skill can help do the final bit of the setup but it adds +3 onto the cost so I would personally advise saving your team cost for other legendaries and being as minimal as you can with the setup for it while still making it reliable (e.g. 1 stun burst/accelerate and Deathwarg).

[Testing needed first - review coming soon!]

On the surface this monster looks like a bloodfury killer which is awkward to kill. However, the most unique thing about it is deathmark, which will kill any monster even if they’re shielded or super buffed (e.g. Ultimate Challenge). Therefore, this monster will combo very nicely with any sleep monsters because you can deathmark them once they’re asleep and they will die at a later time when you have your monsters ready to instantly kill/sleep the next one that comes in. Emeraldeus does also have the potential for killing things with its lovely bloodfury and the SS if you can set up the link earth. Outside of deathmark-sleep it can become a huge threat once it’s got a kill so if you’re using it without sleep around then I recommend building in a way you can put a monster to hold ground for it to kill or a link earth setup for the SS.

This monster is another supportive throw monster, like Bahamuzar. It can often create a rockoid when it first enters, allowing you to use the secret skill immediately sometimes without any prior setup. This monster has been loved by many for having stun absorb with no weakness to any “killer” move. For that reason and the fact it has both high defence and health, it’s tough to kill! The reckless attack move does suprisingly good damage, but in general this monster doesn’t have lots in the way of offence. It’s mostly a useful tool for people with lots of strong legendaries, for use in PvP. It offers stun protection that’s difficult to remove and some reasonable damage threat if left alone.

This monster has two major things going for it. The first is stun immunity + bloodfury with a reliable way to charge bloodfury, this is a very dangerous combination for a monster to have and makes it incredibly effective when there’s a lot of incoming stun. The other thing is what backstab can do for your team. At only 60TU this move can help you kill your way through your team very quickly to set up particular combos of monsters and can even be used on himself to get him out of the way if needed. A very common strategy this is used for is next to shocking entrance monsters so you use them to stun the enemy team as you backstab the other things and create a line-up including monsters that can sleep lock the enemy team. The shockers created the opening required to start the sleep lock and Geo set it up. Otherwise, backstab is incredibly useful for quickly clearing any of your monsters that get disabled (e.g. stunned to 400s+) and controlling when entrance passive monsters come in. On the whole, this monster has a lot to offer in PvP to help control the match and is a great sweeper for PvE.

This monster is an interesting mix of damage and defence. It’s important to get the Spriggolo on the field before using protect focus. What’s also very important is to use Grovodeus around lots of sweepers, so they can kill off the enemy monsters which threaten to kill Grovodeus quickly. If you can get rid of these enemies and then protect focus he will protect your team very nicely. The stun immunity is mainly for his SS which opens up the use of him as a slight counter to incoming stun, but only if he can survive long enough. Don’t doubt the strength of pull back, which can be used to get a second entrance passive from a monster and can even be used to get a second Spriggolo (although not advisable in most cases).

With pretty much the slowest speed in the game, this monster has the highest combination of health and defence without including protect focus! Needless to say it survives well and provides immediate protection with auto-protect. It can kill with exhausting attack and you should get hit by the time it has another move, making the falling asleep not matter. All this really means is you can’t use it as a sweeper with give turn monsters as well as it’s weakness to dreamhunt monsters. Sleep killer is pretty much pointless because of its low attack stat. This monster is great for supporting sweepers in link earth teams where it can keep itself alive even better.

This monster has a huge number of things to offer: auto-poison for poison teams, brilliant ability to survive with a 100TU good damage and heal, double survivor sweeping for one-on-one front lines / stun teams and a huge 150s stun. The only thing Oak lacks is a way to poison monsters that are already on the field. That points out most of the things about him but two things you may not think/know about are: 1 - that Oak is a brilliant counter to many storm monsters in PvP, it will one-shot them with double poison siphon with both targets poisoned and 2 - double repulse is incredibly useful not just for setting up poison moves but also messing up monsters with charged blood moves or protectors that have used protect teammates. I recommend you carefully use double repulse rather than spamming it first attack.

The main thing about Sanctistag is the very unique combination of camouflage + auto-protect which is a counter to an extremely large number of things, mainly all double attacks. Other things include one-on-one, no weakness to assassinate and the general camouflage benefits like can’t be hit by hit all attacks, stun flash, etc. However, on the flip side this monster has practically no form of damage output. Instead what you have is an extremely powerful sleep all (40% chance, 130TU) and a couple of useful support moves. This monster won’t give you ultimate protection or support but when positioned well with some good sweepers it can make those sweepers a nightmare to kill and can lock down the opponent with sleep all if not killed or if it’s accelerated. The secret skill is mainly for use as a counter to one-on-one strategies, so add it at your discretion.

This monster mainly works best as support for the other mortar monsters. This is where the secret skill comes into play nicely as an extremely fast way of speeding them all up. Load all is incredibly situational and you probably won’t be using it outside of very particular combos like with Gryphking or a team turn but it may be something worth playing around with. What’s interesting is it does load itself with load all, so you can infinitely use that. The damage options are useful and the monster tanks well but it’s slower than many other monsters to get the attacks out so Sarcro is typically just for those mortar sections of teams where it will perform well.

This monster can survive brilliantly with the reasonably tanky stats, hold ground and 100TU healing. The healing can even be used on other monsters and there are no shortage of rockoids. There is a lot this monster can do for a team but the throw damage is not the best so it typically works more like a support monster with mediocre damage until double survivor is charged. It can actually work very nicely in front line one-on-one strategies due to the secret skill allowing rockoids to be spawned without even the restriction of link. In throw teams Terragar adds a huge number of rockoids, far more than it needs, which can really help out other monsters.

This monster is really complicated so I’m not surprised if you’ve come here to read this. The first thing to note is that to properly utilise this monster you’re going to need extra rockoids created by other monsters and you’ll probably want a link earth section of your team so you can create 3 from it too. Where gravity field comes into play is that the opponent cannot disrupt your throw strategy by knocking back one of your monsters (forcing you to sacrifice it to get to your rockoids). However, it’s also incredibly useful for Tezca because once you’ve charged it there’s less they can do to stop it. You’ll need 4 charges to do one-shot damage to things (more against buffed enemies) but while you do so Tezca is healing incredibly frequently and therefore hard to kill. It’s important to have these extra rockoids for quick heals later on, which may be a reason to start attacking once you get to 3 charges. Power strike is the general go-to attack that doesn’t need explaining. Devastate does the same damage as power strike but to the whole field (other than Tezca), which is where it gets complicated. Particular combos with this strategy are overwatch, monsters with “desperate” attacks, monsters with revenges like stun revenge or monsters with nasty entrances which come in as you devastate. Additionally, it can work with cloning monsters where it matters less that you’re killing them off. I hope that gives you enough to go with.

This monster is all about the auto-poison passive, which poisons every enemy monster when they enter the field. Additionally, Tiamazus can poison at only 50TU with poison touch and with stun immunity it’s very hard for the opponent to prevent that. The result is that this monster can support poison teams very well. The knockback can be used to remove any problem monsters, albeit slowly. Due to the high attack stat Tia will do more damage than most with poison eater but it’s still quite a weak move that is quite slow (160TU). Due to this mediocre sweeping potential and low speed stat it can be hard for this monster to perform as a damage option, but it can fit nicely into poison teams as support.

This monster can hit all enemies faster than almost any other monster (50TU), which is the main use of it. However, this gets through rockoids incredibly quickly so you need to have many rockoids created in advance or have a reliable way to spawn them in order to properly utilise Timberlord. An interesting way of doing this is to use Timberlord at the back of the team where it can be in the battle with rockoids and use avenge summon as rockoids get killed off (they will because of their auto-protect). While using this monster you want to make sure there is a good stock of rockoids at the back of the team because if you ever get caught without rockoids and you can’t spawn some you’ll be forced to use ultrastone. Payback revenge is the thing which keeps this monster in balance with other legendaries and the SS is great for supporting the team at only one extra cost. Timberlord should be used almost solely in throw teams, or at least teams revolving around rockoids, and it can either support by creating more rockoids or provide frequent supporting damage.

Tricranium is tanky and frequently creates a shield on itself, making it tough to kill. On top of that it has stun immunity which makes it relentless and when it does die the enemy has to take a payback revenge. It’s very hard for the opponent to deal with and can deal good damage as well as infinitely spawn rockoids. It benefits greatly from being potted and accelerated as this makes it a larger threat and more useful. It is technically better to be focusing on rear load mortar because then you can use hellfire mortar every 160TU (30+50+30+50) with two shields in there rather than 180TU with the standard load mortar and one shield. For this reason it can be quite weird to use alongside other throw monsters because it’s tempting to use up all your rockoids quickly then Tricra becomes simply a rockoid generator. This rockoid generation does support throw teams nicely but don’t get tricked into thinking this is the only use, the monster works just as well outside of throw teams. Since the monster itself is not a huge threat for opponents, I’d recommend using it alongside sweepers or other powerful monsters so that it can do its regular hits to damage the enemy team. If they do decide they need to kill it they’re putting themselves at a huge disadvantage as they’ll need to get through the shields, all the while taking hits from your sweepers. It’s great to have at least one rockoid at the back of the team before this enters, otherwise it’s slow to get going. The secret skill can be great for keeping your other monsters alive but will not fit every team.

Earth mythics

[Testing needed first - review coming soon!]

[Testing needed first - review coming soon!]


Fire legendaries

This monster is a bit unusual because it’s got survivor but not much to help it survive for 300s and low attack. However, the survivor is only 80TU rather than the usual 130TU. The main unique thing this monster adds to teams is the high speed with accelerate and instant shield ally. In a front line it can do both of these things before any other monster gets a turn then can be killed off via backstab/cannibalise to charge retribution or other moves for your team. Alternatively, it can be kept alive to be used for survivor later on and always make a good trade with its death revenge, but typically other monsters do this better.

The monster is all about the link bloodbite, which will become a one-shot after just one kill and heal you for 1/4 of the damage dealt. On a monster with hold ground and a secret skill which deals insane damage, it makes Ashterios a solid sweeper for any link fire team. Purify is a nice touch and chrono killer can help get the first kill but the majority of the time you’ll want the secret skill for a reliable kill and you’ll have to be playing link fire. Outside of link fire Ashterios has very little to offer and the only other obvious negative is that it has quite low speed which makes it have far less impact than some other monsters. Ashterios benefits more than other sweepers from being accelerated because of the healing from each attack.

Where this monster really stands out as unique is with sacrifice load mortar, which can be used on any token monster to instantly load+shield for the 50TU fastbreaker mortar that can easily kill things. Between the shielding and the stun immunity, this monster is incredibly hard to kill if it has many tokens as food. Therefore, it is sensible to use it at the back of your team when you have other monsters who create an excess of rockoids. It can also be used effectively in combos with other mortar monsters, stunt double monsters or others that may arise. If you’re using the generic load mortar move it is typically a bit slow and doesn’t have as much to offer as other monsters even though it has stun immunity. Stun mortar is a very situational move that you’d probably use just to ensure a particular enemy doesn’t get a turn before one of yours. The secret skill is situational too, best used if you’re doing combos with non-mortar monsters (because they can already shield themselves).

This is a very complicated monster with a lot of unique things to offer. Deathmatch mode is the signature move which is extremely situational but has some interesting combos (the most obvious being with a healer) and is mainly useful in places like fighting against super buffed monsters or in PvP where it can make a very significant impact on the battle. The most reliable use of this monster is its high speed with instant shield ally and slayerbane, both making a good impact very quickly and can set up deathmatch mode very nicely. Purify is always nice on a fast monster too. Double bloodthirst may seem like a weird move for the monster but what it does is massively increase the versatility, particularly in PvP where slayerbane can more easily get kills. After just one kill double bloodthirst will do considerable damage to two targets so Bovolcus can very often work as a sweeper when required. Poison revenge is there to kill monsters that have been brought to 1HP with deathmatch mode and actually makes Bovolcus a great target for cannibalise straight after using the signature move because the poison will bypass any revenge passives of the enemies.

This monster is typically slower at killing than other monsters and has a slow entrance speed. However, it creates a huge number of rockoids so works very nicely in teams that want this, can be sped up considerably with any give turn monsters around and the energy charge skill will fully heal it at only 50TU so it is difficult for the opponent to prevent the double energy burst once it gets a turn. Double energy burst does considerable damage which makes it reliable for killing buffed monsters.

This is a slightly complicated monster. The main use is the toxic give turn which is a faster version of give turn (130TU instead of 160TU) that will also remove sleep of allies or set up things like detox moves, one-on-one or sleep bomb. It’s great to use on poison immune monsters too. The combination of stun immunity + toxic give turn makes Crimseias an extremely effective give turn monster. Another big reason to use this monster is the mirror revenge which can be useful in certain content like against buffed monsters because you get them with their buff. In PvP people will typically not give you something good with mirror revenge so it’s not a reason to pick it. Survivor is for the times it survives a while and deals nice damage because of Crim’s 5150 atk. Vile rage is for a very small set of combos or for killing off particular teammates (tokens or drawing AI poison attacks), you won’t use it much. The secret skill is for situational use but is reasonable if you have the extra team cost to spare.

This monster can deal high damage to the whole enemy team, but energy blast will not one-shot unless you charge twice. Deodragon is highly reliant on the secret skill so it can come in and make a big impact very quickly. The secret skill cannot be used near the start of the battle so Deodragon must be placed further back in a team where the surrounding monsters would be helped by a quick hit on the entire enemy team. Alternatively, you can focus on doing a double charge before using the energy burst to get kills for Deodragon and then use it as a stun immune sweeper with bloodthirst. However, you’ll probably want a way to give turn to it because the TU of energy blast is high. Deodragon is not a monster you can rely on for killing monsters but it can be used as a tool for turning the tide very effectively.

This monster is an unusual mix of damage and support. Timestrike double is great for getting kills and will deal damage based on the highest number of seconds out of the two targets so as long as one enemy is stunned you can pick any other target you like. The unique thing about Fire Dolph is being able to use rockoids to stun the enemy team and let your other monsters get attacks while the enemies are not. If you can create many rockoids from other sources this can an extremely effective way to control the match. If the enemy team has two stun absorbers the stun grenades will very easily incapacitate their team and you’re probably better off not killing them with timestrike double. It can sometimes be a little hard to get the right balance on Fire Dolph between stunning enemies and killing them, it takes practice and depends on your other monsters out at the time.

This monster can be a lot of fun to use or it can feel a bit cheap, depends on your taste. It’s incredible simple to use with the structured moveset blood clone next -> stealth teammate -> 150s twin bomb. It’s very rare you want to do anything else, but the secret skill can open up the option for a single-target attack (gets past the weakness of stealth/camouflage) as well as a slightly sooner bomb if you’re able to skip 30s after cloning. Like most cloning monsters this can benefit greatly from any reincarnation strategy (using other monsters to create extra copies of them).

This monster is all about the auto-poison passive, which poisons every enemy monster when they enter the field. Additionally, Flarevern can poison at only 50TU with poison touch and with stun immunity it’s very hard for the opponent to prevent that. The result is that this monster can support poison teams very well. The knockback can be used to remove any problem monsters, albeit slowly. Due to the high attack stat Flarevern will do more damage than most with poison eater but it’s still quite a weak move that is quite slow (160TU). Due to this mediocre sweeping potential and low speed stat it can be hard for this monster to perform as a damage option, but it can fit nicely into poison teams as support.

The unique part of Hellfox is the secret skill: rebirth. While restricted to only being used after one kill, it counts as a second kill which will instantly charge both double retribution and bloodthirst while allowing the rebirthed monster to use any single-use skill again. Good targets for rebirth are any monster with an incredibly powerful entrance/revenge (as long as the revenge will trigger correctly) or a monster with an incredibly strong skill like team turn or stun wave that has already used it. In rare cases you can use it to rebirth a monster that has been stunned high or one that is asleep. Other than the strong SS, Hellfox can be a little awkward because of the restrictive moveset. Hellfox must get one kill before it can do lots of good and that usually requires a double retribution. You’ll need to create your team carefully with things like stun double, cannibalise or other more unusual setups so that double retribution is hopefully ready on Hell’s first turn. Payback revenge is a brilliant passive but with 160TU on double retribution and no stun immunity you’ll need to help Hellfox to either get more turns or protect it from getting stunned in order to properly utilise the moveset.

[Testing needed first - review coming soon!]

With reasonable speed, hold ground and an instant heal to charge the double confident strike this monster can quite reliably give you some value no matter where you put it. It mostly works as a sweeper but confident strike damage won’t be strong enough for a lot of the PvE content and it relies heavily on keeping at full health (double damage when >99%). Jingle doesn’t offer anything unique and is quite simple; it shouldn’t need any further explanation. All I’ll say is that, from practice, the secret skill is almost essential.

This monster is all about damage, having both bloodfury and a passive that boosts its already high attack to do brilliant damage with ultrablaze as long as its health is high. Sudden death is not a move you want to use unless you’re desperate. Thankfully, due to the passive which boosts attack, it’s often easy to get a kill with timestrike or with ultrablaze followed by a give turn (from another monster) so you can begin sweeping with bloodfury. The sleep immunity passive allows it to work nicely in OoO combos and otherwise makes it a great counter to sleep because of the secret skill. The 50TU swift sleep killer only adds one to the cost and will one-shot sleep monsters because of the passive attack boost; it’s a great addition to the moveset that occasionally allows you to get a quick kill or charge bloodfury early.

This monster has an incredibly unique moveset that can offer you lots or may be a bit slow to get started, depending on the situation. Kattmmander is all about quick, relentless hits on the enemy team so it’s very important to have it protected from stun and perhaps from attacks once it has neko finisher charged. The secret skill speeds up all the actions, it is a must. Perhaps the most unique thing about the monster is the neko punch attack, which can do a small hit of damage with such low TU it can help out in a huge number of situations. Otherwise, it’s typically best to charge neko finisher as fast as possible then get sweeping.

This monster is all about the move team turn, which is one of the strongest in the game. In the majority of cases you will want to use team turn the first time this monster gets a turn. You may want to skip past a few enemies first if your teammates can kill them off before they get their turn, this can make your team turn even more effective at killing off a large section of the enemy team when you use it. Stun immunity and give turn is also a good pair, meaning Lavaronix can help work to protect your sweepers from stun. Team turn is well known as an effective way to kill off a lot of enemies in one go and leave the opponent’s team in a bad position, but bear in mind that it may also leave all your monsters on high TU and open you up to a comeback from the enemy team. I personally like double-hitting sweepers best with TT because you can kill a lot more monsters in one go. Lavaronix is tanky with its high health and defence, so it is quite rare to have it killed in one hit. This is where the secret skill can add some extra value, giving your sweeper another turn.

This monster has high speed, hold ground and stun immunity; a powerful combination that makes it very reliable in getting at least one turn. The secret skill does insanely high damage to two enemies, even with just one of them having a kill. Therefore, it should not surprise you when I say Magma’s greatest strength is the initial impact it can have on the field. Berserk smash has only 1/5 recoil while berserk attack has 1/2 so you should always focus on getting a kill then using smash to help Magma survive longer. Finishing snap is a great HG killer and perfect for charging berserk smash too. Repent is obviously for itself when its health gets low, but can counter slayerbane or otherwise offer some situational support. Due to the random targeting it is typically a bad idea to use Magma in a strategy where you want control (e.g. sleep).

This monster’s greatest power comes from HP share and hold ground. Use this monster with other HG monsters and some healing then you can keep your team alive incredibly well. Crescendo strike should be used as much as possible to charge it up and turn Shiva into a damage dealer too, but mostly his use is for support with HP share and purify. This monster relies on getting turns frequently so it’s important to have it protected from stun. In some events Shiva is a very desirable sweeper because crescendo strike can be one of the fastest sweeping moves in the game and Shiva can survive incredibly well with HP share + HG.

This monster is an upgraded version of the super epics with stunning entrance, purify and heal all. Solariel has an incredible ability to tank and has a wide range of support moves as well as an, often useful, stunning entrance. The moveset is fairly self explanatory and it’s best used alongside strong sweepers who can utilise the stun when Solariel enters the field as well as being targets for the give turn. Give turn is typically a little slower than what other monsters have to offer (160TU is high) and a lack of stun immunity means some other monsters can stand out as better candidates than Solariel in teams.

This monster features powerful sweeping moves and a very strong revenge passive. Due to the slow speed and 160TU faststrike it can be hard to get going with the kills but if you can accelerate and begin using bloodcrave it will very quickly sweep through monsters, e.g. with a give turn straight after faststrike. This monster is often used as a target for backstab/cannibalise because of the sleep revenge passive. The secret skill opens up a very interesting combo with Lunartic which, due to the low speed of them both, is quite hard to pull off (especially in PvP) but clearly being able to clone Solblaze is excellent.

This monster is a twin killer with poison on the moves at the expense of higher TU (70 -> 100). With stunning entrance and good speed it can make an impact and remove a problem monster. The secret skill is incredibly useful both because it’s good at killing monsters if there is a sleep one and because it can be a 50TU setup for poison eater or to set up other poison monsters you may have out on the field. Due to the high TU and limited targets of Tridrakhan’s moveset, it typically has not much impact while on the field and is easily disabled because it has no passives after the entrance. Using it with other poison monsters will help give it long-term use while on the field.

This monster is faster than many poison monsters and if you can have at least one enemy poisoned when it first gets a turn you can potentially kill two monsters straight away with double poison eater. The high TU on double poison eater means this monster works a lot better if you can give turn to it. Ideally you want to get two kills on the first turn then give turn and begin using bloodthirst. Later on you can use the secret skill to immediately set up either a double kill or your other poison monsters. Outside of teams with other poison monsters Vulca will simply work as a slow sweeper.

Fire mythics

[Testing needed first - review coming soon!]


Holy legendaries

This monster is all about the auto protect plus, but also comes with a good selection of support moves. Auto protect plus is 100% guaranteed to draw all attacks, unless there is another auto protect / plus on the field. You can utilise this in a large number of ways like with camouflage monsters (who become impossible to hit) or using a monster in front who can bring in the next monster with a move like step back, exit plan, pull back, etc. to choose when you want to protect your other monsters (e.g. this can be useful when you have a charged sweeper). Give turn, purify and aegis barrier make Aegisdragon perfect for supporting damage dealers each time it gets a turn. However, due to the monster’s slow speed, in some fast-paced battles Aegis can often die before it gets its first turn (typically PvP).

This monster is a huge counter to many other things. It has both stun counter and sleep immunity, two of the most powerful passives in the game. Ultimately this monster works as support for your team, protecting it from: stun via the passive, sleep via sleep immunity + purify all and potentially poison too. Retribution is the main move to get the first kill, therefore a good way to set it up is to use a weak protector. When that monster dies you can retribution and start using raw bloodfury. Using soul exchange, or cannibalise with another monster, also works but this requires further setup of your team. It’s important to charge and have the blood move available to take full advantage of the stun counter. The secret skill is very situational but can be strong if you revive a particular combo piece of your own or take an opponent’s monster which is buffed / would be perfect for the situation. This monster can typically fit almost anywhere into teams as a very strong form of stun protection but finding a clever position for it works better. It’s worth noting how well it combines with other offensive stun converter/counter monsters because then each time your team is stunned you get multiple kills and can potentially trigger another stun.

This monster is all about the combos it makes with others because of reincarnation. There are too many things to list but, talking generically, a few are: death revenge, auto-protect, monsters which sacrifice themselves and monsters which clone. Aurodragon opens up huge new possibilities with some monsters where having multiple in your team can get overpowered. However, since reincarnation is so strong, Aurodragon is almost always the first target anyone will go for in PvP and hence is hard to use effectively without careful team building. To make the most of the 1HP monsters at the back of your team you can often put a 1 cost heal all monster in 16th position. Aside from reincarnation, the monster survives well and can offer enormous support with both purifying mist and lifeflip friend. Most of the time you should use purifying mist and skip past enemies to get the timing for stealth/purify just right for what your going up against. Lifeflip friend should usually be for Aurodragon itself.

This monster is an unusual twist on the “crescendo” moves which carries across the clones. It is not obvious from looking at the moveset but the optimal way to use Blitz is often simply blood clone next -> reindeer bomb alongside a monster that can support/gain from this like Aurodragon or retribution monsters. For the first Blitzdyr you can use reindeer strike a couple of times before using the bomb, so it charges them up a bit (note: with Aurodragon go straight to bombing). Reindeer bomb does roughly 1000*uses so after 3-4 reindeer moves it should start one-shotting. The support moves are situationally very strong and overall make this a well-rounded monster. However, like most cloning monsters, Blitzdyr works a lot better in PvE than PvP.

This monster is all about the shocking entrance with sendback. Stunning the enemy team by 160 seconds gives you a huge opening to take control of the match and sendback allows you to both set up the next monster in line as well as get a second round of shocking entrance at the end of your team. There are a number of combos abusing this passive with pull back. There are some extremely powerful counters to stun, so Celestrion can be unreliable. It’s advisable to have monsters in your team before Celestrion which can kill off any stun protection, especially in PvP where the fate of the match can often be determined by whether shocking entrance is successful or countered.

This monster has an extremely unique move which it revolves around: bomb curse. The one you curse will die as normal and count as a kill for Chronotitan but the others which take the lethal damage will not have their revenge passives triggered. This makes it far more useful than it would otherwise be. The second bomb curse you get in the secret skill is often best used at the same time as the first one (use the SS first for lower TU before next curse) and the second cursed target should be a monster with hold ground. This means after the time passes you will deal lethal damage to 7 monsters. The only difficulty with this monster is getting enough time to pass after you’ve placed a curse on an enemy without Chronotitan dying. Due to the low health and defence this is unlikely to naturally happen. You must combine this monster with stun or sleep to use it effectively. OoO in particular is good because it can be timed to go straight after Chronotitan’s first move.

As one of the free legendaries we all get near the beginning of our Neo Monsters career, this is a very useful stun immune sweeper that is popular for early-game players. Due to the slow speed stat, low defence and reasonably slow TU moves it is often replaced in teams later on. However, it has very strong moves and typically gets a kill each time it gets a turn. Timestrike all requires one enemy monster to be stunned to very high TU in order to deal good damage (don’t be fooled by the sparkling). The secret skill is generally not a good idea because it has high TU and the spawned monsters are not much help past the start of the game.

This monster is combo heaven with its shield field passive. There are way too many things to mention that gain huge benefit from a shield on entry but a couple that you might not think of are monsters with stunt double and cloning monsters. Shield field does a great job of stalling the battle, helping with control or to protect your sweepers longer if you’re using auto-protect monsters. It is heavily countered by auto-poison and piercing moves, so watch out for those. The other extremely strong thing about Dusicyon is the cannibalise token. This can be used to remove any annoying token monsters added to your team by the opponent or otherwise combo with teammates that create tokens like via stunt double. Without considering either of those two things, Dusicyon still has quite a lot to add considering it comes into the battle with a shield, has hold ground, high defence and on its turn even if it’s been taken to 1HP can second wind to do a very powerful confident strike. This monster fits very well into most teams but its true power will be found if you can combine it with other monsters who utilise the shields and you are able to avoid poison/piercing.

This monster is very flexible, offering both support and sweeping. Swap for moji is ultimately used as an instant speed pull back, rather than for the Moji. Pull back is always good for anything with a strong entrance passive or otherwise for a monster that’s been disabled with sleep or stun. The main thing you want to do with this monster is simply get a kill with timestrike then bloodcrave, using swap for moji at the most appropriate time (potentially straight away on itself even). What Gloreonix does well is giving you the stun + instant pull back while having fast sweeping moves (100TU). The damage on timestrike all is hard to make high and even if it is, taking out four monsters at once is not a very good move if you want to keep in control of the battle.



















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