Is there such a thing as using too much sleep?

I think I’m using too much sleep and I can’t stop making sleep teams. I even paid for the valentines monster just cause of sleep. I even was accused of running too much sleep.


No such thing as running too much of anything stop acting silly

I think you’re addicted to sleep. Maybe you don’t get enough in your rl and projected it on the game? Sleep teams are just meant for uc and ove in general so don’t bring them to pvp. Also your walls is gay.

You honestly took my you use sleep as an insult too far. Everyone has a favorite strategy they like to use. That could be sleep, assist, tanks, fast sweepers, stun or even poison and many more. So use all the sleep you want in teams. Also I compared you to lightgm in using sleep in no way is that an insult he is a skilled player and likes to use sleep leads. You like to use sleep as well that’s all.

It’s like saying lochi uses too much backstab,it is true but he likes it and nothing wrong with that

I took it very far indeed! Luckily not as far to delete my line acc. Anyways it was all jokes and the sarcasm alarm should’ve been blarging loudly. Also, is that why my main forum acc was deleted?

You honestly have a problem with me that has no place in the forum instead of acting two faced you could have just msg me instead of trying to get attention.
Sarcasm works both ways as well not just you dishing it out :slight_smile:️ If you can’t take critism don’t give it out.

:joy::joy::joy: can’t stop laughing
I can at least see what the reason for (previous) NMA shrinking to 6 members might have been :joy::joy:

Z19 <3

Wow heroes low blow only reason nma shrunk cause people had other things in life to do. And many of us stay in touch still.
You guys like to dish out insults and critism to everyone but can’t take it when it’s said back to you.

This is my last post as my limit is 3 per day or something. How did you mean me to contact you directly when you deleted line and then delete my forum acc? And how come just delete my acc when it had nothing to do in forum? Is that even allowed?

And I just literally told you I took it far on the previous post.

Look I don’t know what happened to your forum account. Locking this now so it don’t go out of hand.