Ideas to get the forum to be Bumpin'


Alright, let’s come up with some ideas here and how to implement them.

I’m sure you guys have some ideas as well as I have yet to share so let’s see what we can do


Is the link to the forum on the facebook page?  They only posted the link to sign up to beta.  Maybe some people don’t realize there are actually active people here.


PRED makes a valid point. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it makes sense.

Do you think it will be a good idea to link to the Hunter Island Forum in DIB? I didn’t suggest linking it in HI because I believe that’s already been done.

I apologize if it’s like that already, linking HI forum in DIB, I mean, but last time I checked it wasn’t there. But “last time” was a long time ago, so… haha.


if anyone is active on big gaming forums, posting there with the promo material should be good


Also post on any iOS game forum, but make sure we don’t spam to many forums.  It will get annoying for users if we do.


Its fine if we hit the major ones, and this will go hand in hand with heavy promotion too.

So we should IGN, Touch Arcade and…

I don’t know any others


My Idea is simple, someone give me promotional Junk for this game, and i will put in on my site, post it as my banner on all the other forums and tell everyone about how awesome it is.


The promo stuff is in the beta Subforum and it should be a team effort, not just one person.


Alrighty, must have missed it.