Ideas On Enemy Team That Could Possibly Defeat You!

We’ve seen a lot of enemy teams in the game. Some are strategical ( Morpheus team ) , some are just too easy.

Here, create an enemy team that you think is great and could be a worthy enemy.

You can also state out battle conditions, it’s reward, name of quest , type of quest , difficulty etc.

I’ll start it off with the annoying stormwolf party :

Difficulty : Hard- normal
Team :
3x nitrobird
5 x stormwolf
3 x mass AoE attackers
3x nitrobird
5x stormwolf
3 x mass AoE attackers

Battle conditions :

  • storm wolves and nitrobirds will always strike first.
  • mass AoE attackers always get 1 bonus action.

Reward : gold egg + 3k silver

This is an example of mine. Try to create your own. Good luck!