I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories?


It wasn’t you I don’t think. The unique thing was he used a pterodactyl 0* monster with give turn at the back. He’s probably the only one with that monster in his team.


You mean this one?

Ur rival also mentioned this battle.


Boy cut that out. You know better


Here’s where RNG did not work in my favour and I got slaughtered. However, who said I couldn’t make a comeback! This one was a roller coaster for me, you’ll have to watch to find out who wins :wink:

P.S. In hindsight yes I know hitting Valzareign with timestrike double would’ve been better at the start. I forgot it didn’t have a shield so I could’ve slowed down his team’s killing speed.


Yep! That’s the battle lol tell my friend thanks for the good matches. His team is stronger than mine but it’s been great fun. He is the guy with the BB FL and Regalion I posted earlier as well.


You did well though. Nice battle.


I see. You keep beating me! Hehe


@Saul1417 I’ve had the same problem. I kept getting matched against @RAF_MonkeyDluffy :sob:


Well bro, I got matched up with @LightGM 3 times in 15 minutes span :smiley:


Nvm your story is worse @RAF_MonkeyDluffy :sob:


Haha not at all :joy:
For those 3 matches, light one 2 times , and I bottled one match, and I would love to get matched up against him anytime :slightly_smiling_face:
The third match was gonna give me DC loss, but thankfully it reconnected and I won :ghost::ok_hand:


Great battle. 3 mons left vs 11, that was a good almost comeback haha.


Z19 Ante - hardest and most creative team I’ve faced. Shielded sleep lock with an instant canabalize token with a camo’d HG bloodthirst charged mons :+1:t2: Haven’t won yet.


I love hearing these PvP stories. Keep them coming!


That team is hard. ESPsince nobody top tier uses poison FL. I lost to it everytime too


This Delugazer FL team was very easy to beat

He couldn’t even take out one monster, and surrended after 5 of his got wiped. Having Mechaviathan has helped my frontline. I just stunned Drako to stop him from protecting.


On the other hand this FL I couldn’t deal with:


@Saitama A fast protector on the front line with Mechaviathan is always a pain to face, good choice there. I love Galvbane’s stun pulse for times like that first one.

That second front line has a pretty big fail… they need to slow their Zeus down!


Stun galv, protect with drako, and you beat it. He didnt set his potions right so you got the upper hand


He has Leo.