I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories?

Potentially if well accelerated Goldtail can try a double potent sleep on a new entry with average speed.

@Killerdog it’s not meant as rude as it may come across. I just reread it and realised it may sound a bit too angry lol. But I am too lazy to change it now so Yeah, I am not mad or anything. All good :slight_smile:

Lol, I wish you wouldnt have gone down the “It’s a reasonable suggestion to nerf Goldtail but there are these blind old players who don’t want to see it happen” road when nerfing Goldtail is one of the most pointless suggestions in today’s meta.

Goldtail has always been unique but highly depended on its potent sleep. It has incredibly low defense, is super slow, no passives and a rather useless SS because wasting so many TU for shields in a piercing meta when the main purpose of the Monster is sleep locking makes no sense at all.

Furthermore it was always common sense that it’s mostly a PvE Monster and when Angelion is a Gatekeeper Monster for PvP, Goldtail is one for PvE because it allows Players to win battles against super buffed AI monsters. Yes, there are several other ways to reach that goal aswell but Goldtail is a shop monster and with a bit of patience everybody has access to it. Other methods require a Lot of spending, a lot of patience or a lot of grinding in order to get your hands on the monsters you need. So Goldtails widely balances PvE Content for a huge amount of the Playerbase, no matter if they are Paying Players or F2P.

Also Goldtail was accepted and reasonable balanced when:

  • Toxic entrance didn’t exist
  • Sleep immunity didn’t exist
  • Insomnia didn’t exist
  • Angelion didn’t exist
  • Cent didn’t exist
  • Monsters with insomnia and Sleep immunity didn’t exist
  • Toxic give turn didn’t exist

I could continue the list but I think the point I want to make is clear. There are like a ton of counters to sleep and Goldtail in particular and now we are really discussing This issue. It’s like the worst possible moment to bring up the topic. Actually it’s like asking for a draw when you have one monster left and your opponent has lost like two monsters.

There are like a ton of reasons to leave Goldtail untouched. And yes potent sleep has always been controversial, I won’t deny that. But suggesting that being against a Goldtail nerf is because an old player doesn’t want to see its beloved monster nerfed is definitely wrong in this case. Objectively speaking there are good reasons not to touch it.

And if you really want to play the old player card: There are so many new monsters who increased power creep in this game a lot. Yet, the “newer players” tend to defend them each and every time a nerf debate comes up. Instead we are talking about the few old legendaries that - despite the power creep - somehow still manage to remain viable.


I knew you weren’t angry. Tbh I regretted not replying to DonT’s post when I first looked at it, so nobody came in to counter argument the Goldtail nerf suggestion. I don’t think he was trying to start a campaign or anything, just offering his personal opinion that he thinks the potent sleep move is too strong. To be honest I agree with that, I don’t like how a monster is literally all about one move and even then is very powerful (for PvE). I’m just glad that the monster is balanced better than, say, the TT monsters were with their high defence.

I DO NOT think Goldtail needs nerfing or touching for the sake of game balance. Its power in PvE is a great thing in the game, especially now there are actually a fair few monsters which counter it. However, in an ideal world I would have it tweaked to be less about the potent sleep and have some more things to offer… but that’s just my personal taste. There are many other monsters I’d tweak too. Some of the legendaries (especially the older ones) are too linear for my liking, but saying that they don’t all need to be special and it’s good having some simpler monsters out there.

I didn’t mean any offence with mentioning old players or “Goldtail lovers” as I put it. I was simply stating how someone suggesting to change an old, good legendary is one of those things that is guaranteed to trigger somebody in the community. It’s no surprise and nothing to be ashamed of to care about certain monsters and to defend them when someone suggests an unnecessary nerf. I knew Goldtail would be one which many care about, just like if someone suggested a Burnsalot nerf I know nobody would care except Zardecil who would be very disappointed.


Speaking of monsters that’s you would tweak, what ones do you have in mind and what suggestions to tweak them do you have? I’m just curious.

Guys I will not keep going with Goldtail thread…
But really… Adding Counter and Nerfing are two different things…
When I hear people saying “there are been added too many counters” it sounds just an excuse to don’t nerf somebody.

Everyone is gonna just ignore this ?

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Adding counters is a smart way to nerf something…

It has been the philosophy of NEO since the game launched. Usually things are being dealt with by introducing counters.

It works really well

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Home button, a lot of people already use it :joy:

Nerfing Goldtail would be yet another big blow to PvE. I don’t even have it yet and when I get my 6th ticket very soon I’m probably gonna get Icefang instead because he is OP now. Please don’t Nerf an essential PvE monster.

If only devs can have seperate rules for PvP and PvE that can limit some OP things such as Goldtails potent sleep I would back a PvP nerf that’s never gonna happen so I’m against it.

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I’ve been queuing in PvP just to find Asmat but still can’t find him…:sob:

I just had this awesome battle. I put Bundam in the back to help with comebacks and for fun. Was a close match made a horrible mistake in the beginning by skilping turn while forgetting about Sonic strike and cost me Bloom. Anyway it was close after that. My Bundam.got slept and was left alone while sleeping hehehehe
Big mistake…
He was purified 20 seconds away from being charged for Nova.

Was GG after that. I just laughed when that hilarious Mecha rabbit woke up.

Against Asmat?

What I do is turn off WiFi, wait for the disconnect message in the game then flip WiFi back on and when it loads into the title page of the game it asks me if I want to reconnect so I click no. Only had to do it a couple of times where I could see I wouldn’t have a turn for ages and I’d lost. It’s a shame the other person has to wait 1 minute for the win but that can often be less time than it would take for the opponent to get a turn anyway.

Counters are healthier for the game. Better to create interactions than to remove them. It’s tried and tested in similar games.


I switch data off then back on after around 5 seconds. I get the pop-up message asking if I want to rejoin the battle I hit “NO”. The whole process takes no more than 20seconds. I don’t think that opponent needs to wait once I hit 'NO"

They would just get the “won due to opponnent disconnection message” I’m happy to test this with somebody to confirm if they need to wait.

Well done nagao :+1: I hope devs soon punish people like u that dc at the end instead of using the give up button

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Tbf, he probably closed the app and, in turn, could also have quit the game right there and then. It really isn’t fun facing those top tier stun immune monsters with average to high speed with old monsters that have slow speed.

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He had stuff like Duscy, bloom and dracorosa available …

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Nope. Not Nagao. He does it every time he is getting beaten. He is amongst the worst.


The dude is playing shiva and grov lol.

Nah he had shiva in his fl, pulled shiva back, then I kbn shiva… his grovo was at mid/endgame with auro